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Grail Chinchillas and Psychic Cats

I have been waiting to make this update since the end of October!

For the first time ever in my collecting history, I found a grail, and I won it! And I was so excited I wanted to share my find with the community...but then I got sick. I assumed I would feel better by the end of the week, and it's now two weeks and a half and I'm still sick. But tonight I decided to finally take some pictures and so here I am!

I haven't posted in a while, so let me give a quick re-introduction. I started collecting with Chillarmy/Minccino and he will always be my main collection, although recently Espurr has become my second primary, alongside Umbreon. I've been collecting for about two years or so. I have a Tumblr where I post Pokemon merch information and pictures from the Pokemon Center and other stuff.
With that out of the way...

Once upon a time, the Pokemon Daisuki Club made unique plush that you could only win by entering their limited raffles. Shortly after Black and White came out, there was a special Daisuki Club raffle for an alternate pose 1:1 Chillarmy plush. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find information on this raffle, only the second raffle that came out afterward, in combination with Poke-Girl. For Daisuki Club raffles, all you have to do is enter with your name and address, but for the design contest, they wanted people (mainly targeted at children/girls) to send in design ideas for a Chillarmy pouch. Of those submissions, 10 people would win the alternate pose 1:1 Chillarmy plush, with the number 1 winner having their design turned into an actual product.

Link to Mamoswine's original post on the give away

Without being able to find information on the original give away, I have no idea exactly how many of these special 1:1 Chillarmy plush exist. We're not even absolutely positive the original Daisuki Club give away happened, although searching for information on this contest netted a couple blog entries of people winning who were like, "So I got this thing in the mail, I guess it's rare" which you would only say if you just entered a contest randomly and didn't take the time to draw out a unique design.

At any rate, I found him shortly before my birthday and decided to go all in because when would I find another of him again? And it's my birthday!

I was so excited to get this plush in the mail. The day he arrived, I couldn't wait to get him out of the package and snuggle him. This did not happen because as soon as I opened the package, I was hit by this smell. It was a smell of dirty laundry and closets. Okay, whatever, I could deal with that. He was wrapped in plastic, and as soon as I took him out of said plastic, I realized his fur felt grimy and he was kind of a mess. His white ears and his tail tip were stained, and he had smaller stains around his body. This was the condition he arrived in after the seller stated in the auction that he was saved in great condition and was perfectly clean.

I was so upset. I couldn't even leave him out to air in the living room because he made the entire room smell.

Thankfully, Denkimouse/Gin was able to help me! She is amazing at cleaning plush (with her huge Raikou plush being the best example) and after looking him over, she said she would do her best to clean him up. (She has a guide here for plush cleaning tips) When I came back several days later to pick him up, he was perfect! His fur was soft and clean, his white bits were white, and the smell was pretty much gone.

The day was saved, thanks to Gin!

Here is the Daisuki Chillarmy 1:1 next to the sold in stores 1:1 version. They are pretty much the same size, with the main differences being the hands and the face.

Chillarmy on his own!

And his unique Daisuki Club tush tag.

Since I was taking pictures, I went ahead and reorganized my main Chillarmy display.

I think it looks a lot nicer and less haphazardly put together, and also more 1:1 plush!

Along with Chillarmies, I also have been hard at work collecting the male Meowstics from the Pokemon Male! Female! Banpresto promotion. I am verrrry slowly getting better at winning prizes from claw machines, and all of these prizes I won myself.

The first plush to come out was the Super DX plush. Winning this one was literally all down to luck, and I'm still not sure if I could replicate the win. The plush is cute and sits well, although my minor gripes are his eyes are a little far apart and as with all super DX plush, he is not made of minky.

Next up, the korotto manmaru (rolly-polly) plush! This plush is perfect, and could only be more perfect if he was minky. I won three plush from three different machines - best day ever.

My latest acquisitions! I actually went to win these after visiting with the doctor and him telling me I had pneumonia (lol priorities) I had to get two of the plush pass cases because one is going on my bag.

This is the perfect one with the round face. They are peeerrrffeeect. There are no felty bits and it's so minky and soft.

To everyone who made it this far, thanks for reading through my post!
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