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Anniversary Update and recent gets

Hey guys. My collecting has been slowing down in the last few months, but I actually got a few things recently and I decided to make a post about them. But, if I recall correctly, we're around the time that I first joined the community 2 years ago! The years went by so fast. (I believe I joined around October 2012 so I actually missed it). So I guess this is going to be a bit of a re-intro, anniversary post as well. :)

First a couple gets and a want:

I got this clear Latias Jakks figure from hantsukihaunter. It's a really nice figure, but it's starting to yellow a bit at the bottom. I read somewhere that soaking it in hydrogen peroxide might help, so I left it in some over about 3 days and I think it helped a little. By the time I had checked on it again, most of the hydrogen peroxide had evaporated so that could have been why it didn't work completely. Anyone else have any suggestions for yellowing figures?


I really like this figure and I think it would be nice to reunite her with her brother. Does anyone have the Clear Jakks Latios for sale? I would really appreciate it. :)

I also got the new Altaria PC plush from Sunnyshore. It's so cute and soft! I'm really happy with it. I already named her Angel because that's what I'm planning on naming my Altaria in Alpha Sapphire (really excited for the game by the way)


I just love those dangling feet. :D

Next I got a Shaymin mini pokedoll from godudette I recently sold my full size Shaymin land form pokedoll and I was sort of missing it. I decided to pick this little one up and I actually like it better. Fitting in the palm of my hand makes it that much cuter! :)


One last small thing: I got a Bunnelby Tomy figure because I really love Bunnelby, but I wasn't a fan of his plushies. They made the head too flat a lot of the time in my opinion. I was really disappointed in Diggersby but it didn't affect my feelings for the little rabbit (I may or may not have a lv. 100 Bunnelby named Cuddles on my team in my X version...)


Now he sits right next to me at my desk. :)

So I'm a recent college graduate that studied illustration. I live in central New York. I've been into Pokemon since I was in elementary school and I got my red version in a combo pack with the original game guide and a clear purple Gameboy Color. My main collection focus has been Tomy monster collection figures from generations 1 and 2, but a few months ago I actually managed to meet my goal. :)

here's a link to my first intro post just after I joined 3 years ago if you're interested in seeing where I was in comparison to now: link (looking at it was quite a trip down memory lane)

Once again here's a look at the now complete tomy collection:


I know there are more variants of species and other generations to collect, but for now I feel like my collection is complete enough with one of every 1st and 2nd generation Pokemon.


I have my pre-order bonuses on the side of my Tomy shelves. I really like the Kyogre coin; it was my pre-order bonus for the original sapphire version. I think it's a cooler bonus that the ones today. Unfortunately I won't get a figure since I pre-ordered from Gamestop.

My Magikarp Pokemon Time strap has been moved to being on my 3ds. I really wanted to put it on my phone, but my phone has no hole for straps. :( You can see I have a little Smeargle charm on my pencil case as well. I thought it was fitting since those are my drawing pencils. Helps me get in the mood for some art. :)


Lastly, Altaria and Shaymin have joined the rest of my plush on my dresser. Lately I've been weeding my plush and trying to only keep my absolute favorite plush. Adding to the plush pile again felt good though, and I'm in love with these new additions already. They fit right in. :)


I also have my card binder from when I was little with quite a few cards in it, a puzzle, most of the games and game guides, and some Christmas socks...and that's pretty much it. Not as expansive a collection as some on here, but I'm happy with it. :)


Finally, if anyone's interested in the 5th Pokemon movie "Pokemon Heroes" staring Latias and Latios on DVD, it's the last thing in my sales other than a coin. You can check it out here or by clicking on the following little picture.


This post is super long, holy cow!
Thanks for reading everyone. After 2 years I still love being a member of this community, weather I'm buying left and right or not. I'm looking forward to being around for many years in the future. :)
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