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Charizard, Pokedoll and Pikachu Gets! (+question)

Hey there guys,

I am really happy about my new gets that I got within the last few days!
It contained a package that took ages to arrive from Noppin..


First up, I FINALLY got the mega Charizard x and y plushies! ^_^


I don't buy new stuff when it comes out so I always have to look for good deals for second-hand plush, and I found them both as a duo on Noppin. I am soo happy I finally got them <3
I just love these, they are super cool! I'm happy they're made out of minky. My favorite is X but I like Y more and more. I love the way they posed his tail.

Tomy Charizard first has to look who these new Pokemon are! And PT Charizard is hiding under her wings because he is a bit afraid :D


But then Tomy Charizard gives them her knit hat as a sign of approval! Welcome to the flock <3 <3


I also got these two mega Charizard charms. YES THEY STICK TO PT CHARIZARD'S HANDS ISN'T THIS CUTE? *_*


Next up, my new Pokedolls: Swirlix and Croagunk.


I accidentally got two Swirlixes from Yahoo Japan xD So, I'm keeping one of them as my cuddle bed buddy. Love how squishy they are <3 But they collect dust very easily. As to Croagunk, it was more or less an impulse buy because I thought he was really cute. However, he is huge o_o Seriously, he is even fatter than Raichu and Raichu is already a big Pokedoll. This kinda bothers me a bit as I prefer Pokedolls to be a nice small size. But...he's cute anyway. ^^

I also got these two Hasbros: Pikachu and Butterfree.


Seriously, this Pikachu is soooo damn cute! It's so chubby <3 Fat Pikachu ftw! xD I wanted this for a long time but never got round to purchasing it. It's one of my favorite Pikachu plush! And I also got Butterfree because it's one of my favorite Pokemon, and those Hasbro plushies are kind of nostalgic to me. ^^

And last but not least, I found something special on my local German ebay... IT'S A PIKACHU CARRYING A BACKPACK OMG! ^____^ I saw it and had to have it immediately! :'D


I MEAN JUST LOOK AT HIM. The backpack is fully attached to his back and so he doesn't show his tail.






I also still have a question that I posted in another post yesterday but got now answers. It concerns the TCG:
I bought a Japanese Neo booster pack yesterday from my local second hand toy shop who sometimes has old Pokemon cards that individual people sell to him. I noticed that the Japanese cards were kinda different from the English/German ones as to their surface. The English and German cards are pretty much the same, but the Japanese cards are kind of slightly thinner/flimsier and their surface feels more smooth and silky, and not as paper-like as the English cards. Is this normal for Japanese cards? Other than that, I didn't notice any suspicious signs though. The (holo) rare was right on top of the pack when I opened it.

Thans for reading/looking ^-^
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