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New gets and size reference pics :)

The mailman really made me happy today so I'll be showing off my new gets which include the contest prices from yellow_fr3ak i had to collect from the postoffice and I unpacked on the way home (I was too excited to wait haha)
And then I opened the second box at home with my Christmass Fennekin Miyuki ^^ I hope you all enjoy that :)

Also further down I have made some size reference pictures of plush, I will explain more after my newest cutie gets ^^
Little sneak preview ^^
photo 1-3

So first and foremost these 3 sweeties came from yellow_fr3ak thanks so much <3

photo 1-1

So the box behind those 3 cuties needed some opening aswell ofcourse, so Miyuki to the rescue as the opening help :)

photo 2-1

Hmmm I wonder what is inside...

photo 4-1

Hmmm Japanese carpart adverts, this could be interesting ^^

photo 1-3

Euhm hello there? Is anyone inside? Yooooo-hoooo?

photo 3-3

Oh my are you ok? let me get you out of there!

photo 4-2

Hey hello new friend! I like you already <3

photo 5-3

What did you just say? You didn't come here alone? Who else could be in there, let's get him out fast :)

photo 1-4

Yay another christmassy friend, we're all set to celebrate the holidays now, so happy to meet you all :)

photo 2-4

So I present to you my newest Fennekin friends, they came with the cutest cookie aswell, what a great day ^^

So I had an idea but I didn't know what you all would think of it so here goes, my idea was to take good simple size reference pictures of all my plush. I know myself i find it hard to judge how big plush are and if I want them or not sometimes, if I think it's worth my money or not and I can only imagine I'm not the only one. So my idea was to take all the way around pictures of my plush with a consistant size reference next to it so you can easily compare them. I also wanted to take pictures of multiple angles and if i have them their tags, this could possibly help with ID'ing real/fakes aswell I hope for some people :)

Please give me input on my idea, I used a redbull can as that was the only can I had available and I hope most people know how big it is, if anyone has a better Idea I'd be open to suggestions or maybe additional ideas?

For now I'll just start posting them on my personal JL and here of newer merch if you all would enjoy this, if not I won't ^^ I may eventually make a website around it aswell, I don't have a huge collection but all bits help right?

Here are some examples of the pics I took today, additional and bigger ones can be found on my LJ

photo 3-4

I can only say the snowman fennekin is just too darn cute, pretty soft whooly like fur and the scarf is just the cutest little touch, it isn't huge but not too tiny eighter I like the size, it's about the same size as last years Fennekin plush :)

photo 1-5
photo 4-3
photo 5-4

photo 1-6

photo 2-5

Rest of the pics are on my LJ to not overload it here too much as this is an older plush and I think most people already know it?

Please give me some feedback I'd love to hear your ideas and if there is already such a website or so I'd like to hear that 2 :) I just never found it myself ^^
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