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Wynaut Home

After some rearranging, I think my Wynauts have settled into their new home.

I was hoping to get cases for my figures to sit in, but I got impatient and decided to set them on my bookshelves for now :) They were getting too lonely in the boxes ;_; But now they can enjoy each other's company and read lots of books, hehe!

This is the Wynaut shelf :)

Wynauts to the left...

...and the right!

I've gotten a few new Wynauts over the past few months. From caffein, the MPC Wynaut plush (who is hiding in the back in the picture above ^-^), two clear figures, and another small figure.

From white_chocobo, I got the Wobbuffet-Wynaut zukan set. I love it! Wynaut is so tiny :3

From caryntjen, I got a big figure Wynaut. He has such an enthusiastic expression alongside this happy Wobbuffet :)

And from herar, I got a nice Wynaut sticker. I'm putting a Pokemon binder on my Christmas wish list so I can store it and my other flats :)

Besides Wynaut, Clefable has become one of my favorite Pokemon this year, so I got a couple Clefable figures. They're looking for moon stones amidst my rock collection :3 I want to collect more Clefable as a side collection. (PS, don't ask why I have a tea ceremony whisk sitting in the middle of my rock collection :P Need more storage space...)

I wish they made a big plushie version of Clefable... Since I haven't been able to find one, I tried making one myself. Mom helped me with the face and tail :) She's camping out with Cloudy, hehe.

Finally, I've decided to start a side collection for my favorite grass-types: Chespin, Leafeon, and Virizion. So far, the crew looks like this. Wait, a wild Scatterbug appeared! Run away :O

My latest Leafy gets from littlezorua. They're so adorable and I love the colors :) Thank you!

Until next time :)
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