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Just a few random wants :3

So, I haven't been on this community properly for about 5 months for many personal reasons, so hello again!
A mini reintroduction; I'm a 20 year old Pokémon collector from England. My collection as a whole is pretty small but I am proud of the progress it has made since I joined this community quite a few years ago now! I mainly collect Drifloon and Drifblim even if my collection is still pretty tiny, but I also side collect Woobat/Swoobat and Raichu. The items I'm proudest of so far are my DX Fuzzy Raichu and my Canvas Drifloon which took me years to finally track down! I'd love to start a new collection but I just don't have the money right now haha ^^
I'm really hoping for a Mega-Camerupt plush when ORAS is released. I'm a huge Camerupt fangirl! Maybe that'll be my next random collection one day haha.

Anyways, I only have 2 longshot wants today, but hopefully I can maybe find them~!

Jakks Drifloon plush, with or without hangtag.
I don't need Drifblim unless you have any in need of a home!

Jakks Throw Pokéball Drifloon plush, with Pokéball preferred but without is also fine.

I do have a Jakks Drifloon plush already, but I got it before I became a collector and it's head fluff is a bit messed up and I cut off the tush tag... It's terrible I know! At the time I found it far too big V_V
I'd love to add a new one to my collection though and let the other travel in my bag with me ^^

Also, obligatory wants post link, juuust in case anyone is interested;

Thanks for reading (•x•)♥
(images are from Google, sorry if any are yours!)

Tags: drifblim, drifloon, wants
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