ceruleanblues15 (ceruleanblues15) wrote in pkmncollectors,


So I've noticed rather lately, that my collection has been going to...the dogs rather lately. What I mean by that, is my obsession with the Lillipup line is beginning to show it's face. So I'm thinking of starting that up as a side collection. I'm going to get around to uploading pictures of my collection in the next coming weeks as it has grown since my last post, but I won't be going home for another week and a half.

So...until then. If anyone has any type of merch that has to do with the Lillipup line (aka Lillipup, Herdier, and Stoutland) please let me know? I already have the pokemon center plush, the MPC's of both Lillipup and Herdier, and the mascot plush of Lillipup as well. So if anyone has anything else, please let me know ^_^
Tags: herdier, lillipup, stoutland, wants
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