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Ichiban Kuji DreamStore - Pikachu & Friends With Berries

Release Date: December 20th, 2014.

Prize A
Prize A: Pikachu Hooded Blanket. (Size: approx. 100 cm)

Prize B
Prize B: Pikachu Plush (Size: 25 cm)
Prize C
Prize C: Eevee Plush (Size: 25 cm)
Prize D
Prize D: Dedenne Plush (Size: 15 cm)
Prize E
Prize E: Cushion (size: approx. 28cm in length)
Prize F
Prize F: Powder Room Collection
Prize G
Prize G: Fragrance Sachets
Prize H
Prize H: Glass Collection
Prize I
Prize I: Hand and Face Towels (Size: 30 cm and 70 cm respectively).
Prize Last One
Last One Prize: Hooded Blanket ~ Eevee Version ~ (Size: approx. 100 cm)
Double Chance Prize
Double Chance Prize: Prize B Pikachu Plush (smile version) - only 100 available!
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