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~Wanted Fairy and Lucha Bird Items~

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Hey all, I'm still recovering from a very chaotic couple months. If you ordered anything from me you should have received your parcel or it's on it's way. (A lot of them were international). I've been accumulating items here and there and giving my collection website an overhaul.

It's been really hard finding past Sylveon items lately but I did come across a few that really excited me.

I've finally completed the "Happy Party Time" Sylveon Promotion line. ;A; It took ages but it's finally aaaaall mine. The last two things I needed were the tape and memo pad. The tape I bought in the past but was lost in transit. I thought I'd come across it again but it took months before that. I love when a collection is finally complete. ;3; It's such an accomplisment. Right after completing this promo I had to create a new promo tab to my collection. XD Pokemikke!!!! Yes! This collection has been added to my site and this time, I'm buying everything at once just so it can be complete from the start.
Click the image to see all my Happy Party items in full.

Speaking of promo completion... I STILL have 3 more Sylveon promos to complete.... Each one only needs a couple items to go. Can anyone help? I'll pay big for the last remaining items needed. The promotions included the "Mascot promo", "Lunch Time promo" and the "School" promo.
From the mascot promo I only need:

I only need the stationary and the blue variant of the scrunchie .
From the School promo I only need:

I only need the pencil cap holder and this Sylveon running with Eevee and Pika clearfile. Or I think it's a clearfile.

And last from the Lunch time promotion I just need one item to complete it. This tiny drawstring bag.

I'm also on the hunt for any and all Sylveon items I don't have.
Check out my want page for more. Let me know if you have any leads or want to show me something!

Sylveon isn't the only XY pokemon I collect. I also collect HAWLUCHA! And I have a couple rare items I'm on the hunt for. Like Sylveon, I'm on the hunt for any and all Hawlucha items that I don't have on my site. Hawlucha isn't as popular as an Eeveelution so I'm also interested in all flat items as well. Be it a notebook, a sticker, featured on a box. ANYTHING. Show me. I'll probably want it. You might be surprised how much I'd pay for a flat. If you have anything let me know.

Here's a small want list with a few things I'm aware of that I don't have:

I'm seriously hunting for these two items..... both have been very stressful for me to obtain. I've contacted pick-ups, middleman, I bought full sets to no provail. I did everything.....but still haven't found them...so I come to the community. If you know of anyone, anywhere, or if YOU have them. Pleeeease let me know.

I'm offering $100 to anyone who sells me this item or finds someone who has it and is willing to sell it to me!
It's called a battle wheel strike toy. It was a blind gacha item that was sold at 711's during the Diancie movie this summer. I came across a few capsules but I never got the one I wanted. Hawlucha. I'm tired of asking people to get them from shops, they only have the light up keychains and no one has posted their extras yet. ;3; I just want this birdy so bad! I know someone had to have gotten one.
I'm offering $200 to anyone who sells me this item or finds someone who has it and is willing to sell it to me!

This is the XY "Gold variant" of the Sylveon metal coin. I've bought sooooo many boxes to only get the same gold coins multiple times. X_X There is only one gold coin a box and there were about 14? pokemon in the set. That mean every Pokemon had a chance to get a gold coin. I spent so much searching for this but still haven't even came across one to bid on yet.....I really want to complete my coin set.....any help would be appreciated.

Lastly, I lowered my huge ebay lot, these items cost me over the starting price but I just need to get this big box out of my studio. Its one of the last lots I need gone. There's lots of good stuff if anyone is interested in it.


Anyway, I'm waiting on some special items before I do another update.
I'm pretty stoked about ORAS! I'm crossing my fingers for more megas (cough Slaking cough Breloom cough)....but either way I can't wait to play.
More soon!

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