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Raikou's Makeover!

Hello guys! Hope you're all well and the ORAS hype is strong with you all! ;)

So as some of you may remember, I recently posted up pictures of my collection which included a lot of Tomy figures. Amongst this collection of figures was a rather sorry looking Raikou figure who came to me...minus his purple cloud!


So obviously I thought a Raikou without his signature cloud isn't a Raikou at all and had to do something about it! So it's repair time! Out came the Sculpey clay, paints, brushes and glossy varnish...and decided to give him a well deserved makeover. So without further ado, here is the new Raikou!


Now I'll be the first to admit the actual sculpt is not my best work. The purple (which looks more blue here thanks to my camera -.-) is showing all the lumps and bumps that I never bothered to sand down and the carving of the swirls is a bit shabby...but hey! This was an incredibly quick attempt just to see if I could actually pull it off and if I'm quite honest, I don't think he looks too bad =) He will probably stay like this until I decide to do a more precise and refined version some other time...but as it stands at the moment, I'm just happy he has his cloud back now! =D

Thanks for looking guys, let me know what you think of my work and any critiques or tips would be greatly appreciated for further cloud making attempts =P

Tags: custom, figures, raikou, tomy
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