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Small Sales

Doing some quick sales since a big want showed up. Please give them a home! ;v;

sales policies
- Sales permission was granted on 4/15/13 by dewott.
- I will not sell to anyone banned from pkmncollectors.
- All items come from a smoke/pet free home. Old Feedback | New Feedback
- I ship from California, USA and and am not shipping internationally.
- Please let me know if you would like tracking. Tracking is $1.
- First buyer to commit gets the item. No haggling.
- I am NOT responsible for any lost or damaged packages after it leaves my hands and cannot provide a refund.
- Payment is through Paypal only - Please send as "goods" and include your username & what you bought in the memo. Payment must be received within 24 hours (unless we agree on a certain date), or I will leave negative feedback.
- No holds unless you are committing to buying.
- Do NOT edit your posts. Just reply to your own comment.
- No trades at this time, sorry.

shipping info
- Please be aware there is a packaging material fee ($1) already included in the price. All prices include shipping in the USA. PayPal fees are included.
- I am no longer shipping internationally due to high shipping costs.
- Clearfiles will have a cardboard backing for protection and is already included with shipping.
- I will notify you when your item is shipped. I am a fast shipper.

feedback info
- I leave feedback once I've received payment. Please let me know when you get the item! Don't be afraid to ask!

Oshawott Banpesto plush - $7 shipped
Sold: Chikorita

Pokemon White MIP - $20 shipped

Pokemon Time Psyduck clearfile - $8 shipped Sold

Pokemon Dot Sprite Clearfiles | Back of clearfiles
Pikachu, Cheren, & Bianca - $10 shipped each
Sold: N Clearfile, Touko Clearfile

Pokemon Dot Sprite Sticker Sheets (Cheren) - $6 shipped
Sold: N Sticker Sheet, Bianca Sticker Sheet

Pokemon Mate Cheren metal charm (only Cheren) - $6 shipped

Pokemon Tales: Where's Clefairy's Voice? - $4.50 shipped

Loudred and Treecko settei- $5 shipped each
Pokeball settei - $3 shipped

Please review sales policies and shipping info before commenting. Thank you! :D
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