[~ Kari XIII ~] (rentorar) wrote in pkmncollectors,
[~ Kari XIII ~]

Store moving!

Recently, I've decided to change the way my store runs - store_xiii will still be open, but I really wanted to add more non-Pokemon stuff to it. So, decided Pokes were getting too cramped there. And out of that....

pokestaruk ~ Pokemon Star UK!

Everything is now up to date, all items from previous sales posts have been added, plus - Lamincards, Kraks & Metal tags now have images to accompany them. I mainly did that to try and get me back in the graphics groove for later XD

If a mod could change store-xiii to pokestaruk, that would be great please <3

Oh, and by the way - Does anyone here have any of the US Ash figures for sale (Excluding Tomy ones)?
Tags: sales
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