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Handmade dedenne kagamimochi plush!

I saw that the Pokemon Center was releasing New Years goods, and the dedenne kagamimochi plush was one of them. I thought it was super cute and I wanted it, but with lack of money being a problem and dedenne not being one of my main collections, I decided not to buy it. But I still wanted it...
So I made my own dedenne kagamimochi plush!
This is a picture of the real one from the Pokemon Center that I used as the model.
dedenne kagamimochi

My version is under the cut! Be warned, though, that this was my very first time making anything like this, so it's not super good! If you still want to see a complete noob's work, go ahead and look! (>w<)

dedenne kagamimochi (1)
dedenne kagamimochi (2)
dedenne kagamimochi (3)
dedenne kagamimochi (4)
dedenne kagamimochi (5)
It is completely handmade with felt, with the base being made of construction paper. Ugh, the ugly stitching can be seen everywhere... And it came out a bit taller and skinnier than the real one, and the eyes should've been more round, I think. It looks more like a snowman than a kagamimochi Oh, and I realized that the base isn't in the same position as the model after I took the pictures...
Also, I had no idea whether to include the stripe and tail, since I only had a picture of the front, so I just put them on anyways.

So, what do you think? Good? Could've been better? Like? No? Or any tips so I can do better next time?

Thanks for looking!
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