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November 21st Pokécen Pick-Up ✿ ORAS Release & ORAS merchandise!

Less than one week until November 21st, the official ORAS release! I've been eagerly awaiting this day and I know a few others have been as well so time for a pick up post!!

HUGE Pick up under the cut - Includes Shiny Mega Metagross, POKEMIKKE, New Years, Christmas merch, Pokemon Petit, and Pokemon ORAS pokecen plush ALL available for pick up this week!
Read the rules before posting, check out all the new merch coming out on the 21st, and choose among a massive list of other items also available for pick up this week to celebrate!!

November 21st Pokécen Pick-Up ✿ ORAS Release & ORAS merchandise!
Payment deadline: November 21st, 3:00 PM PST / 6:00 PM EST

Rules & Notes
Pick-up Rules/Guidelines - Please read through the rules before posting an order in the comments.

  1. All Pkmncollectors rules apply

  2. Granted sales permission on June 10th, 2014 by allinia. My feedback page can be found Here

  3. All payments are due by the payment deadline of: November 21st, 3:00 PM PST / 6:00 PM EST

  4. Please have payment in on time. Unpaid orders will not be picked up.

  5. I ship from Japan and I ship world-wide!

  6. Prices are in USD and do not include shipping/fees unless stated otherwise

  7. Only accepted form of payment is Paypal

  8. Write your USERNAME in your payment details! If I don't know who you are it makes it harder to keep track of orders!

  9. A total with shipping and fees will be given after you claim a slot with your order. Your slot is guaranteed after payment is received!

  10. Combining orders is possible! If you'd like to add on to your current order just place a second order by replying to your original comment and several dollars will be deducted from your second quote for combined shipping. For combined orders, use the following in your PayPal description: Payment (NUMBER) from (USERNAME) for (PROMO TITLE: NEW ORDER)
    Example: Payment 2 from Prnzs, Pokemon Time: Pokemon Time Strap (Furret)

  11. Payment for unavailable items will be refunded via Paypal ASAP after the pick-up!

  12. No holds this week due to all the large plush!

  13. All shipping is from a Smoke-free Pet-free home!

  14. Pokemon Center bags are included in each order! Does not include special edition shoppers.

  15. Please do not back out of a sale. This can be easily avoided by Asking for a quote first! If you are only committed as long as certain items are available, Please specify that by stating: 'Only committed if (X) or (All) are available.' Backing out of a sale is against community rules and will result in appropriate feedback.

  16. No haggling. Prices are listed as is for a reason so please have understanding. Prices of each item are carefully thought out based on the material, size, quality, how difficult the item is to carry, pack, ship and what it requires to arrive safely to you in the mail. If the item is expensive, it's usually for a good reason such as the size, delicacy, being made of a high quality of fabric or being made by a famous artist as part of a special collaboration.

  17. By placing an order you agree that I can not be held fully responsible for, or offer full refunds for items lost, broken, damaged, in transit as well as defects in products sold at the Pokemon Center including bends or knicks in tags, etc. For more info see the FAQ.

  18. Please read my Full FAQ to avoid misunderstandings in the rules and before inquiring.


  1. All pick-up orders are shipped out within 5~7 business days the following week after pick-up and are shipped via Airmail by default!

  2. Estimate delivery of packages: An order shipped via Airmail usually takes 7-14 business days to arrive and 3-7 business days for EMS express shipping. *See details in the FAQ. Estimate does not include Japanese holidays and time it takes to ship to certain regions and remote islands.

  3. Shipping does not include tracking. If you would like a tracking number, Upgrade to EMS Shipping! EMS starts at $15. To request EMS please clearly state that in your order before asking for a quote. *Please be aware of applicable custom fees that may be charged at the airport which are beyond my control.

  4. After I pack and ship out the goods, I'll update the 'Shipping Updates' section at the bottom of the entry. If you're curious about the status of shipping: Please check the updates on the entry before commenting or messaging about your order.

  5. All orders are shipped in Bubble mailers, waterproof Japan Post bags, envelopes, cardboard letter envelopes, and boxes! *The only exception to this is over-sized plush which will be shipped in XL Pokemon Center bags as there is no box or bag at the Japan Post Office that can accommodate this size.

  6. Tags are not protected by default and all items come as sold on the shelf unprotected!
    If you would like extra protection or padding please clearly specify that in your order before asking for a quote.
    Pricing is as follows:

  • Plastic tag protectors: Additional $1.50 each for smaller tags such as an MPC plush.

  • Cardboard tag protection: Additional $1 per tag for plush such as Pokedolls, etc.

  • Protection for clear files and flats: Additional $1 for flats up to the size of an A4 clear file.

  • Added packing paper, bubble wrap, or foam wrap: Additional $0.50 for small figures, pins, badges, keychains and other smaller items.

  • Boxes and packaging for mug cups, ceramic and glass items: Additional packing required for breakable items will vary in price depending on the items size, weight, and delicacy. An example for a mug cup would be an additional $10 including the box and item protected and packed tightly.

  • *I can not be held responsible or offer full refunds for items broken in transit. If you ordered extra packaging but your item was still damaged in transit send me a message and we can discuss your situation but please understand that I can not offer full refunds as I can't take responsibility for the postal service. If you are worried about your local postal service and how they handle packages, please refrain from ordering glass, ceramic or delicate goods.

FFA Request (Free for all Request) Rules
A FFA Request allows the customer to request specific items being sold at the Pokemon Center not listed for pick-up. Customers who have placed an order for the new promotion are welcome to add on a FFA request to their order! You can request anything from the seasons Pokedolls to an obscure item you found listed on, eBay, or under the info tag at Pkmncollectors!
Follow these simple rules when making a request and fill out the form at the bottom to be attached along with your promo order to file a FFA Request!

FFA Request rules:

  1. Read the FFA Request rules/FAQ before requesting or inquiring. Includes more examples and a mini FAQ!

  2. You must place an order for the promo pick-up to submit a FFA Request. FFA Requests are only available as add-ons to promo pick-up orders and any requests filed after the pick-ups ended or without a promo pick up order will be declined.

  3. Use a reliable source to request your item. (Such as,, Pokemon news websites, Info found under Pkmncollectors info tag)

  4. Provide proper pictures and information. (Such as new items in their original packaging or official release pictures)

  5. Only request items you're certain are carried at the Pokemon Center

  6. Avoid adding on orders after paying to avoid confusion and multiple payments

  7. Please don't ask about items at the Pokemon Center because I do not know

  8. Don't request items that have been released at PC more than 6 months ago. In addition, please don't file FFA requests for items that haven't been released yet.

  9. Don't request items that are known to be sold out at Pokemon Centers, and are sold out on or other popular Pokemon vendor websites. You can find this information by checking the stock on the Pokemon Center's official store. If you've heard from a friend that the item was sold out, please don't request it as it was probably sold out at the Pokemon Centers I go to.

  10. Don't request Special event or Prize items. Example: Prize items (Bingo, Lottery, etc.) or Special event items (Unlimited items, Shoppers, DS promo items, Birthday items, etc.)

  11. Don't request quotes to be done in person at the Pokemon Center to be paid for on the next pick-up. All quotes will be given before pick-up and on committed orders only.

  12. Please use common sense and common courtesy when making a request. Please don't ask me to call the Pokemon Center to check if your item is in stock, research items for you, or send messages regarding FFA Requests. I will take custom requests for items sold at the Pokemon Center if you've placed an order and have filled out the form, but I will not take other requests that have nothing to do with the official merchandise from the Pokemon Center.

Use the following form when filing a FFA Request!
FFA Request

  1. Official name of item: Required (Japanese or English OK)

  2. Link to listing with reference picture: Required (Official image or New in Package from listing)

  3. Cost of the item from source: Required (Either PC shelf price or sale listing price) (USD or Yen OK)

  4. Packaging method of item: Required (Sold individually or Sold in a set)

Example 1

  1. Official name of the item: Pokemon Petit Plush Arcanine

  2. Link to listing with reference picture: Reference Link

  3. Cost of the item from source: ¥720

  4. Packaging method of the item: Sold individually

Example 2 Gashapon machine: Japanese Design Promo Blind Packaged Metal Pins

  1. Official name of the item: Japanese Design Promo Blind Packaged Metal Pins

  2. Link to listing with reference picture: Reference link to picture of gashapon machine

  3. Cost of the item from source: $4/per play

  4. Packaging method of the item: Sold Blind packaged in Gashapon machine (Number of plays: )

Now on to the fun goodies! :D

ORAS Release & ORAS merchandise!
ORAS Release merchandise! - Released Nov. 21st!

Wailord Plush

Secret Base Pokedolls
$22 each

Primal Groudon/Kyogre Plush
$45 each

Mega Sceptile, Mega Swampert
$30 each
Mega Diancie Plush $45 each

Shiny Mega Metagross merchandise!

Shiny Mega Metagross Poseable Plush

Shiny Mega Metagross Charm Set! - $10.50

Picture 5
Shiny Mega Metagross A4 Clearfile $12
Shiny Mega Metagross Notebook $8
Shiny Mega Metagross Pencilboard $10
Shiny Mega Metagross Sticker Sheet $6
Shiny Mega Metagross Handkerchief $12
Shiny Mega Metagross Drawstring Bag $9

A5 ORAS Rainbow print double ringed notebook ★ $13.50

Print metal charm set ★ $18 each. Total of two types.
Boy trainer set: Boy trainer, Wally, Wallace, and Steven Stone
Girl trainer set: Girl trainer, Roxanne, Winona, and Phoebe

Three charm key holders $10.50 each Total of 4 sets
Kyogre set: (Primal Kyogre, Acro Bike, and PokeNav Plus)
Milotic/Feebas set: (Milotic, Feebas, and Pokeblock case)
Latios/Latias set: (Latios, Latias, and Eon Ticket)
Groudon set: (Primal Groudon, Mach Bike, and the Pokedex)

Magma and Aqua pins set $11 each

Full Pick up List
All of the following items are available for pick up this week. Anything not listed below or pictured above will require a FFA Request form.

ORAS merch Released Nov. 21st

  • Clear file with plastic sticker included (ORAS Rainbow print) ★ $14.50 each

  • A5 double ringed notebook (ORAS Rainbow print) $13.50 each

  • A4 Clear file ★ $12 each. Total of 7 types (Treecko/Mudkip /Torchic/Plusle/Minu/Mawile/Absol/Gardevoir )

  • Clear file sets $14.50 each. Total of two types. (Boy trainer/Girl trainer)

  • Print metal charm set ★ $18 each. Total of two types (OA Boy trainer set: Boy trainer, Wally, Wallace, and Steven Stone)/(OA Girl trainer set: Girl trainer, Roxanne, Winona, and Phoebe)

  • Three charm key holders $10.50 each Total of 4 sets. Kyogre set: Primal Kyogre, Acro Bike, and PokeNav Plus/Milotic set: Milotic, Feebas, and Pokeblock case/Latios/Latias set: Latios, Latias, and Eon Ticket/Groudon set: Primal Groudon, Mach Bike, and the Pokedex

  • Magma and Aqua pins set $11 each

POKÉMIKKE Merch Released in the first 10 days of November.

  • Pen pouch Choose between: A/B $20

  • B6 Ringed notebook Choose between: A/B/C $8

  • Flip book memopad Choose between: A/B/C/D $6.50

  • Clear File Choose between: A/B/C $12

  • Magnet book marker Choose between: A/B/C/D $12

  • Post it notes Choose between: A/B $8.50

  • Masking Tape Choose between: A/B/C $8

  • Mascot Mini pouch $16

  • Tote bag Choose between: A/B $24

  • Double level lunch box $28

  • Mealline cup Choose between: A/B/C $10

new year merch2
new year merch1
New Years Merch Released on Nov. 8th 2014

  • Dedenne Kagamimochi plush!(★)$20

  • Mini Kadomatsu! 2015(★)$14

  • Mini Shimekazari! 2015(★)$14

  • Metal Charm Set (Print: Welcome the New Year!) Features Pikachu and Dedenne Kagamimochi! Total of two(★)$10 per set

  • Mini drawstring bag! (Print: Pokemon Center 2015) (★)$6 each

  • Pikachu Festival Chopsticks!(★)$24

  • New years cards!(Prints: Pikachu's first dream of the year, Rayquaza Ascending sky, Welcome the New Year!) Total of 3 types(★)$4 each

  • Japanese paper sticker sheet! (Print: Welcome the New Year!)(★)$6 per sheet

  • A4 Clear file set of 3 files! (Print: 2015 New Year's)(★)$18

2014 Christmas Merch Release date: Nov. 1st 2014

  • Pikachu 2014 Santa Plush!(★)$20

  • 2014 Pokemon Christmas Collectible Pin!(★)$10

  • 2014 Pokemon Christmas Metal Charm set of 3!(★)$8.50

  • 2014 Pokemon Christmas Clear File!(★)$12

  • 2014 Pokemon Christmas B5 Notebook!(★)$8

  • 2014 Pokemon Christmas Sticker!(★)$6

  • Sweets picnic Snowmen Plush! (Choose from: Pikachu Snowman・Chespin Snowman・Fennekin Snowman・Froakie Snowman)(★)$20 each

  • Sweets Picnic Rubber Keychains! (Choose from: Pikachu Snowman・Chespin Snowman・Fennekin Snowman・Froakie Snowman)(★)$10.50 each

  • Sweets picnic Metal charm set of 5!(★)$20

  • Sweets picnic Ballpoint pen! (Choose from: Pikachu Gingerbread cookie ・Pikachu Cake Decoration)(★)$10.50

  • Sweets picnic Bag Charm! (Choose from: Pikachu Gingerbread cookie ・Pikachu Cake Decoration)(★)$20.50

  • Sweets picnic A4 Clear File(★)$12

  • Sweets picnic B5 Notebook!(★)$8

  • Sweets picnic Sticker!(★)$6

  • Sweets picnic Cake shaped metal tin!(★)$18


  • Altaria, Salamence, Latios(★)$36 each!

  • Latias(★)$34 each!

new year merch3
ORAS Pokemon Center Plush

  • Kirlia, Sableye, Gulpin, Plusle, Minun, Ralts (★)$20 each!


  • ORAS Pokemon Petit Plush Mascots $13.50 each!


  • ORAS Pokemon Petit Figure Straps $10.50 each!(Torchic/Mudkip/Treecko/Latias/Latios/Pikachu/Raichu/Eevee/Gengar/Ampharos/Dedenne

ORAS Pokemon Petit line Release date: Oct. 25th~Nov. 1st 2014

  • ORAS Pokemon Petit Plush Mascots $13.50 each!

  • ORAS Pokemon Petit Figure Straps $10.50 each!(Torchic/Mudkip/Treecko/Latias/Latios/Pikachu/Raichu/Eevee/Gengar/Ampharos/Dedenne

  • Clear file set: Pokémon Petit OA(★)$14

  • Clear file set: Pokémon Petit Latias・Latios(★)$14

  • Clear file set: Pokémon Petit Dedenne(★)$14

  • Memo pad Pokémon Petit OA Starters(★)$8

  • Memo pad Pokémon Petit Latias・Latios(★)$8

  • Memo pad Pokémon Petit Dedenne(★)$8

  • Ballpoint pen Pokémon Petit OA Starters(★)$10.50

  • Ballpoint pen Pokémon Petit Latias・Latios(★)$10.50

  • Ballpoint pen Pokémon Petit Dedenne(★)$10.50

  • Sticker sheet Pokémon Petit OA Starters(★)$6

  • Sticker sheet Pokémon Petit Latias・Latios(★)$6

  • Sticker sheet Pokémon Petit Dedenne(★)$6

  • Croquis book SQ Pokémon Petit OA Starters(★)$12

  • Croquis book SQ Pokémon Petit Latias・Latios(★)$12

  • Croquis book SQ Pokémon Petit Dedenne(★)$12

  • Multi-pouch Pokémon Petit OA Starters(★)$18.50

  • Multi-pouch Pokémon Petit Latias・Latios(★)$18.50

  • Multi-pouch Pokémon Petit Dedenne (★)$18.50

  • Hand towel Pokémon Petit OA Starters (★) $8.50

  • Hand towel Pokémon Petit Latias・Latios (★)$8.50

  • Hand towel Pokémon Petit Dedenne(★)$8.50

  • Pass case Pokémon Petit OA Starters(★))$16.50

  • Pass case Pokémon Petit Latias・Latios(★)$16.50

  • Pass case Pokémon Petit Dedenne(★)$16.50

  • A4 Document file Pokémon Petit Pikachu(★)$15

  • A4 Document file Pokémon Petit OA Starters(★)$15

  • TPU Cover for Nintendo 3DS LL Pokémon Petit Pikachu(★)$28

  • TPU Cover for Nintendo 3DS Pokémon Petit Pikachu(★)$24

  • DS Cartridge Game Case (Holds up to 6 games) Pokémon Petit Pikachu(★)$14

  • Memo Stamper Pokémon Petit Pikachu(★)$14

  • Melamine cup Pokémon Petit Pikachu(★)$14

  • Melamine cup Pokémon Petit OA Starters(★)$14

  • Coin purse Pokémon Petit Pikachu(★)$12

  • Coin purse Pokémon Petit OA Starters(★) $12

  • *iPhone 6 Covers come out Nov. 29th!

★ Slots!

  1. lulupin - Shiny Mega Metagross Plush, Shiny Mega Metagross Charm Set(★) $135.59 Paid!

  2. leangk - Shiny Mega Metagross Plush, Shiny Mega Metagross Charm Set(★) $75.62 Paid!

  3. acidmimi - Mega Sceptile Plush, Latias/Latios Three Charm Keyholder, POKÉMIKKE Magnet Book Marker D, POKÉMIKKE Post it notes D, Melamine cup (white base)(★) $84.60 Paid!

  4. laurakitazawa - Pikachu 2014 Santa Plush(★) $28.93 Paid!

  5. marphoria - Wailord Plush, Secret Base Wailmer Pokedoll(★) $102.29 Paid!

  6. seouldew - Latias/Latios Three Charm Key Holder(★) $15.40 Paid!

  7. jamplex - Wailord Plush, Wailmer Secret Base Pokedoll, Primal Kyogre Plush, Mega Swampert Plush, Magma/Aqua Pin Set(★) $215 Paid!

  8. bluehyaku - Shiny Mega Metagross Plush, Shiny Mega Metagross Charm Set(★) $71.59 Paid!

  9. bunnystrut - POKÉMIKKE Melamine Cup A (white), POKÉMIKKE B6 Ringed Notebook A (white)(★) $33.61 Paid!

  10. ubi_chan - ORAS Latios Plush, Petit Mascot Plush Latios, Petit Mascot Strap Latios(★) $82.00 Not Yet Paid

  11. xxlatiosxx - Latias/Latios Three Charm Keyholder, Sweets Picnic Charm Set of 5, 014 Dedenne Kagamimochi Christmas Metal Charm Set(★) $50.78 Paid!

  12. aarux - Shiny Mega Metagross Plush, Shiny Mega Metagross Charm Set, Shiny Mega Metagross Drawstring Bag(★) $90.32 Paid!

  13. theevilpotato - Skitty Secret Base Plush, Wailmer Secret Base Plush, Mudkip Secret Base Plush, Mega Swampert Plush, Petit Mascot Plush Skitty, ORAS Plusle PC Plush, ORAS Minun PC Plush(★) $185.02 Paid!

  14. doryphish333 - Wailord Plush (2), Secret Base Skitty Pokédoll Plush(★) $168.89 Paid!

  15. kidgengar - POKÉMIKKE Magnet Book Marker C, POKÉMIKKE Flip Book Memopad C, POKÉMIKKE Masking Tape C, POKÉMIKKE Post it note A(★) $50.78 Paid!

  16. 0fabliau - Wailord Plush, ORAS A4 Rainbow Notebook(★) $95.53 Paid!

  17. dukeburger - Shiny mega Metagross Plush(★) $60.67 Paid!

  18. kuro_kage_kun - Secret Base Plush: Skitty, Torchic, Mudkip, Treecko(★)$120.00 Paid!

Shipping Updates Updates under the cut! Edited 11.24

Also,  caffwin my dear friend will be helping out by answering quotes in the comments as I rarely have time to get on Livejournal during the week due to my full time job (Think Japanese full time, 10AM~9PM or later). If you have any questions/comments please post in the Questions/Comments thread and I'll get back to you as soon as I can and caffwin will be here to help as well. <3

Shipping udates/Edits!

Wow this weekend was so crazy and really exciting ^w^ I wanted to thank everyone who placed an order - This has been my biggest pick up yet and packing was nuts but EVERYTHING HAS BEEN SHIPPED OUT! Hooray!
Please expect your packages to arrive within 7-14 days after 11.25 (Tuesday). All packages were sent out 11.24 but will not be shipped from the Post office until tomorow morning here in Japan.

Feedback from me = Your item has been shipped! :]

A heads up to everyone who ordered wailords! - ALL Wailords were required to be shipped via EMS due to the size dimensions and weight. You will be billed a second invoice and a comment will be sent individually to your order in this entry.
The additional charges are to accomodate for the shipping charges required to ship the wailord or oversized plush (may include Mega Metagross), the cost of domestic shipping from the PC to me, and the taxi fare required for me to get from my home to the Post Office.

Please pay within 24 hours after you've been commented a new total for shipping and the invoice has been sent. I apologize for the inconvenience on this one, but unfortunately due to the size and amount of orders for these plush they required extra shipping expenses that were incalculable during the original quotes.

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