Kyr (kyraiee) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Custom Kyogre double sided pendant

Hey guys I found this pendant I really liked at Michaels and added a Kyogre to it. He's one of my favorite Pokemon and I wanted to wear one without it being a toy figure. I was going to add Groudon to match the yin yang on the pendant but it would have made it too bulky and heavy, would have made a cool Christmas ornament though. It's a two sided pendant, not for sale. I took pictures with and without flash because unfortunately I have bad lighting in my apartment. I am taking commissions for figures, necklaces etc if anyone is interested.

I am also still looking for the tiny plush Kyogre keychain if anyone has it.

My customs page is
I got sales permission from Gin in January 2011.

My feedback page is:

Bigger version behind the cut

Tags: custom, kyogre
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