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Felt figure commissions (Slots are now FULL) and sales update

Hello! So between a family trip to Germany, school finals, an upcoming convention, and of course the Holidays I'm about to get super busy. So unfortunately I'm likely not going to be able to to open up commissions for regular plush until late December. I had a few people asking me about them and I thought I would be able to sooner, so I apologize for that. ; A ; However I need to stock up on some felt figures for a convention so I've decided that I can offer a few slots for custom ones while I'm making them all!

What are felt figures? They're tiny original customs made of felt with painted details. They're designed to be simplistic and to fit in plastic Easter Eggs (I sell them as mystery eggs) so they are about the size of the original Tomy figures. Here's a preview of some I've made before:

Sales Policies
*All Pokemon Collectors community rules apply
*Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on November 6, 2014
*Feedback can be found at:
*I ship from Orlando FL, USA
*I only accept Paypal and Google Wallet at this time
*Haggling is not accepted unless otherwise stated
*My items come from a smoke-free but pet friendly home so please be aware! I will always make sure items are kept away from animals but do understand that a stray hair or two can sometimes find it's way into things.
*Asking for a quote will not guarantee an item for you! You must let me know you are committed to an item in order for me to reserve it for you.
*I will not hold items for more than 48 hours.
*Payment is due 24 hours after commitment. Paying late or backing out of committed purchases can result in negative or neutral feedback.
*I do my best to list accurate descriptions of the condition of all items. If you are concerned about the condition please ask me about an item and I will be happy to provide additional pictures for you. I am not responsible for this after shipping if you do not inquire about the item beforehand.
*When making payment, please put your USERNAME and the item you bought in the notes! ;)

*I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages but I will always do my best to resolve issues.
* Flats will typically be shipped in sturdy document envelopes unless you would like regular paper envelopes. Non-flats will be shipped in a bubble mailer or box with added padding/protection when needed.
*Tracking is always included unless otherwise stated.
*I can accommodate shipping to decrease price but please be aware this may increase the risk of damage to your item at the hands of the post office.
*I will notify you of shipping and any updates.

About the felties

They're between $2-$8 depending on the pokemon you want so please ask! $2 is something simplistic like Metapod. $8 is something complicated like Entei.
Up to 3 characters can be requested per slot.
Please let me know who you would like as well as any additional details (for example: shiny, mystery dungeon bandana, etc)
I'm not offering international shipping for these at the moment but I will in the future.

More examples can be found at


1. 0fabliau - Luxray Paid
2. agentgoldfish - Glaceon, Regigigas, Ponyta and Snubbull Paid
3. b4ckbone - Froslass and shiny Phantump Paid
4. kittay752 - Jynx (original colors), Machoke, and Shellder Paid

I've also got some small sales and some pre-made customs (by me) over here:

Thanks and have a good day!

All the custom slots are now full! Thanks to everyone who ordered! Items will be made within a week. <3
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