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Long time no post!

Hello everyone!
I've been away for quite a while. I haven't even been lurking so much here and I don't know why xD I think it's time for me to be a little more active here again :) I've been collecting slowly but steadily and my collection has grown so much. I have a proper collection shelf now but it immediately became filled with all my plushes and figures. And now I need another one Dx I should've bought two shelves right away but hey everyone's clever after the situation is already over. Because you see, the one I purchased was from a second hand shop (there were three shelves altogether then). So there's no chance for me to get similar shelf anymore. I need to work this out somehow...
So I can't really show my collection to you because all the figures and plushes are scattered all over in our house and some of them are in boxes and bags! It would be the best thing ever if I could one day get a whole room for my Pokemon stuff! A collection room <3 *-*

To keep on continuing collecting I should first try to get rid of some extra figures and other merchandise I have. So I updated my sales post :) please go ahead and take a look! Click the link below the picture to be transported ^^


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