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Multi-Purpose Post :: {FireFox GA Payment #2 / Commission Updates / Mini Sales / Wants }

Hello, hello!

Thank you to the firefox GA participants and to those who have commissioned me for being so patient, I'm finishing the very last of my commissions and will get back to you soon. Lately I've been getting drawn more into the whole anime figure collecting thing, and with Christmas coming up, that isn't too good. So I've come to do some early shopping to try to find the perfect present for some friends.

Thank you especially to the firefox GA participants for making my first time as a bidder/shipper a success?! I know I'm a tad bit slow on getting things packaged ;; I've just gotten about all of them packaged. I apologize to the 4 of you who need bigger boxes, I've tried to fit them into bubble mailers or any other sized boxes, but no avail. D: I'll try to find more boxes for you soon, so in the meantime PLEASE comment below so that I can reply to your comment when I've updated your total! I've tried to calculate the cheapest shipping total for everybody, USPS international shipping happens to be very expensive but I think it automatically comes with electronic tracking that I can forward to you ;v; So that's good, right?
IMG_4091 Tower of your goodies!! (✿◠‿◠)
Just a friendly reminder that I will be shipping packages out as soon as tomorrow along with finished commissions. My shipping dates are as listed as 11/17, 11/19 (hopefully), and 11/22 I've come to a realization that I can ship international packages out during that time too so just reply here when you've sent in the payment. Due to the business of the week ahead, I can only ship twice. (CURSE CLASSES AND THEIR WEEK-BEFORE-THANKSGIVING RUSH AMIRIGHT D:) Yes discounts have already been calculated into the total along with paypal fees! Extras were claimed in the previous post :)

**Payments should be made to Jenilicyn@gmail.com WITH THE MEMO "Payment #2 Firefox GA", AND YOUR LJ USERNAME. Please send it in USD, and as for goods/service. Anything that is not sent correctly shall be refunded to you :c
**Please remember to leave feedback for pocketmonstrmeg and I once you've received your package nAn!!

Commissions! Thank you for commissioning me, it means a lot to me to commission me on my first time trying this sort of thing out. :') I am also really grateful that you would all wait so patiently as I tried to push these out and ship them out, I'll try my very best to get them out this week. I'm just finishing my final commissions and will need to find envelopes big enough to ship your pictures without getting them smushed ( / __ o ) Thank you bunches! I'll respond to your original comment with an update of your commission soon!
(As you can see xD Stunktank still has yet to be assembled wheeee~)

I was granted sales permission by Allinia 6/10/14 :3
I ship from the US
All Pkmncollectors rules apply
Feedback can be found here!~
NIP Espeon placemat + Coaster - $15 Shipped in the US OBO
Leafeon PokeBox Pin NIP - $13 Shipped in the US OBO

Finally, I swear it's always the struggles of finding what a boy wants for Christmas since you think they wouldn't adore the cuddly little plushes as much as you do.. So hopefully I can get him cuddly AND kickbutt enough for him to like. ( / __ o ) Like me, he really likes eevee (i think I may have rubbed it off onto him oof). I have a perfect birthday present for him that I'm trying to get him later on but for now I'd like something else.. does anybody have anything sort of on the bigger side of eevee, a pillow maybe? Ah yes, a pillow would be nice. I tried to get him a laying eevee plush in an auction but aalaaas, I was sniped last second (literally last second) D: I'd like to get him something on the bigger side, so please show me your eevees! Here's what I had in mind: ;3;
The I <3 Eevee laying plush and I think I'm leaning more towards the eevee head cushion, does anybody have one for around $30 shipped in the US? ;v; I welcome other present ideas though! He also likes jolteon and lugia a whole lot! (Please no figures of lugia and jolteon and eevee though ( /;v;) )
And for my lovely best gal, I'd like to get her this N figure for x-mas! (Which again the photo isn't mine :'D)
I'd like the one with the zorua for her. I see that they're going as a set for 34.50 shipped on Amazon, would anybody be willing to do a halfsies-claim with me or would be willing to sell me the one with the zorua alone?
Thanks for reading! n3n Happy thanksgiving to those in the US, and merry 1-month before Christmas / Hanukkah!! Woohoo!
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