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I'm Looking For Some Stuff Right Now~

Hello, everyone! I'm here to throw some money at you buy some things. I'm hoping to find all of the items listed below, but I understand if that's just not possible. I will accept higher prices if I have misjudged the price of the items (and lower is always welcome). I would like these to be in good/new condition (though all but one of the Charizard TOMYs is can be in less than perfect conditon). I would really appreciate it if I was not directed off of PKMNCollectors too much (Ebay, Pokevault and user shops are fine, but I would really rather get things from within the comm).

Charizard TOMY Plush            $100 or less Gonna wait til I have more money
Vulpix Egg Plush                       $30 or less

Charizard Kyun Chara               $30 or less
Charizard TFG                           $30 or less
Mega Lucario Chupa                 ~$5

Charizard Chupa                       ~$5

Mew Night Light                         $30 or less

Charizard New TOMY (x4)                 $5-$8 a piece

Suicune TOMY                           ~$5
Clear Suicune TOMY                 $30 or less

Movie Pose Suicune TOMY       $30 or less

None of these photos are mine. If the original poster wants them removed, I will.

I'm wanting the clear Suicune TOMY and Mew Night Light most. The Mew will be a gift for my girlfriend and the clear Suicune TOMY is probably my favorite Suicune figure.
Tags: charizard, figures, lucario, mew, plush, suicune, tomy, vulpix
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