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300 + !! | | My huge gets are here !!

Hey guys !! So remember how I mentioned in my last post that huge package I was waiting on to get here? Well it finally did about 3 days ago, took me a while to compile my post because I had to update my collection site and that took FOREVER. But I am done and ready to show it off !!

Also with this update I have reached over 300 Sylveon items in my collection ! 343 now to be exact. I'm very proud of this ;u; I didn't think my collection would get this large. Anyway, let's just get to the photos <3

As you can see from this the box was BIG, it's the biggest package I've received to date !

This is the main part after opening and there was also another smaller box within !

But now drumroll please, let's take everything out !!

Just a rainbow sea of Sylveon ~ I nearly squealed, I got a whole ton of goodies here some stuff I've never seen before !

THERE IS AN R/C MINIVAN, I didn't know this existed??? It's from the Toyopet car show apparently. I really have no other information on it so if anyone knows more about it I'd love to hear it <3 But it's gorgeous and it's pretty big actually ! It has art on the actual car on both sides and the box is decorated with Eeveelution art too.

More things that I've never seen before, Sylveon girl pyjamas ! It even brings a matching pair of pink shorts and it has a little picture of Sylveon on the bottom. You can also see a few stickers and I got the newest ones too.

I also found a MIP Decochara holder, puzzle boxes, and the special towel I've been looking for forever.

Here I got the Tretta box, clearfiles, artbook, pin set, poster, iphone cases, some McDonalds stuff, etc

Movie notebook and those three things at the bottom are from an event called the Pokemon Camp Adventure Safari, it's really neat and Sylveon is on the logo !

Okay wow this is another of those things I didn't know existed, it's some special book from the movie which has info on it and other things. In the middle it has a smaller book that talks about the movie and it has special art from it too, its so sparkly ~

Speaking of sparkles, sparkly stickers !

And that's like the gist of it all ! I'm still so excited about this. I am also still waiting on a couple other gets, the Sylveon petite plush and some Sylveon things from the Battle Festa tournament a little bit ago, I'll post those in another update.

And I've updated my collection site with every single thing on here so you can go and take a look to see everything better there if you'd like <3 Just click on the banner !!

Thank you everyone for looking <33 I was really hype about sharing this post, soon though I'll have to take some photos of the entire collection together, I'm rather curious myself to see how it will look like haha. Anyway I hope you're all having a good Sunday !!

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