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Collection Post

Hello! I promised this post a while ago and was going to wait until all of my latest orders came in, but sadly the tracking for the final item hasn't activated yet so I have no idea when it will arrive. I decided to post my collection now for everyone to see! So, without further ado...

My older assorted collection. My Mudkip plush remains my favorite, it's so cute with it's food bowl! If anyone's wondering, the Chikorita is a 3D printed figure.

Also part of my older collection is a little Eevee tissue box, which I keep on my cork board.

My kids! The five to the left will be members of my ORAS team, the Persian is the representation of my trainer, and the other three are important parts of her journey.

It seems the last owner of my Persian unfortunately tried to give her sharpie paws. Does anyone know a way to get permanent marker off of kids?

To finish it off, this was my present for my friend's birthday. It's a clear Gengar kid on a little electric light, a bare light is on the left. Needless to say, she loved it.

And I'd quickly like to ask again if anyone has a shiny Flygon kid that they're willing to part with. I really wanted to have one before I get my copy of ORAS but now I'm thinking that probably won't be possible. If anyone is selling/auctioning off one or knows of a sale/auction, please PM me. 
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