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Talking Bidoof question

This is more of a question than a collection post, so I really hope this isn't against the rules ^^;

I've had my talking Bidoof plush for a good few months now, and it's mostly untouched so the condition is pretty much as I got it still. It even still works! My concern comes from the fact that today I somehow found a Pokémon collectors blog with a wonderful Bidoof collection, and they mentioned that the talking Bidoof plush is bootlegged a fair bit, which I was unaware of, and now I'm feeling a little paranoid! For a few decent reasons I think, though I'm hoping my paranoia is unfound...

My reasons to think my plush is not bootlegged; The sound recording is fairly clear and loud, and it appears to be normal? A high-pitched cutesy "bee-doo". You can't really hear the F but it's not something I'm worried about. The plush itself is made of a soft material (unlike the few bootlegs I owned) and isn't terribly made. Her teeth don't even stick out as much as some other talking 'Doofs I've seen, not that I would have minded.

My reasons to suspect my plush might be a bootleg; Well the biggest warning is that she cost me about £10 I think on Amazon. I just assumed it was a common plush not worth much. She also has a few loose stitches, especially on one eye where the white pupil-ish part is unravelling right out her face, and then just the odd hardly noticable string in 2-3 other places. The line on her teeth is also mis-stitched or something at the end because it's quite thick at the bottom. And finally, even though I'm pretty sure this is normal, the button part in her leg is high up and a little angled so it's not super easy to find and push, but its not overly hard either.
Edit! I forgot another important part which is that she came in what looked like the official box, but she wasn't actually attached to it, just lying in it sideways so her belly was against the back of the box. Even though she was supposed to be brand new. If it occured to me that talking plush could be bootlegged I might have asked the seller what was up with that...

I can include pictures tomorrow if needs be, I wasn't sure if they'd be of any help. I've looked at a few pictures of Bidoof plush and mine is really similar to them all. I guess if she is a bootie then I'll possibly remove the battery if I can and turn her into a regular plush, but I'd hate to have to look for a new one all over again, especially if I can't afford it, ahh! Bidoof needs more affordable plush, or they need to mass produce the adorable Pokédoll so people like me can afford or find them V_V
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