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Birthday Get! (And some wants.)

So I posted a couple of weeks ago about my tiny little plushie collection here in my dorm room while I'm off at college. Now, my 21st birthday just passed, and not only did I get some booze to celebrate the occasion, I got...

The Life Size PokeCen 2014 Mudkip!!!

A couple more shots (don't mind my messy dorm bed):


Review: This guy is BIG. I included my keys in the shot (they're your average size door keys) so you all can get an idea of how superbly BIG this Kip is. He's got very floppy cheek-fins that are fun to play with. His tail and head-fin are coated with the same very soft fabric that is on the rest of him, but the inside is made out of some kind of foam that you can bend but it'll come back to relatively the same shape/place it was before. You can manipulate it to bend back up straight, however, like I did for these pictures.

I'm super satisfied with him! I was so happy to get him in time for ORAS. :)

I'm going to take the opportunity here to put down my wants list again just in case anyone sees this and is interested:

2009 Raikou PokeCen Pokedoll
2009 Suicune PokeCen Pokedoll
2009 Entei PokeCen Pokedoll

(I would prefer to buy these as a set but I would be interested in them separately, too.)

That's all for now! Maybe I'll update again soon with some new gets after ORAS. :)
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