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Multipost: Fighting Type GB + Retsuden offers + sales

Hi guys I came back with some things. First of all I received the Fighting Type GB and they are on good condition (if someone needs a photo, let me know!) All the info is under the cut

We have the payment 2 (from FromJapan to me) and payment 3 (from me to you).
The payment 2 was 922 yens = 1.32$ each plush.
If someone want tracking, please let me know, it would be + 3.5$. If you want to combine with anything of my sales post, let me know too!
You can send your payment to caeolos (at) stating your username and the items. Thanks ^^

Blaziken - thedaftlynx 1.32$ + talk with me xD
Croagunk - nicolarbear 1.32 + 3 = 4.79$
Pangoro - nasija 1.32 + 3.17 + fees = 4.97$
Gallade - aurorabeams + Gardevoir ippai=  1.32 + 7 + 3.17 + fees = 12.24$
I also got a little package so I have some extras for sale with retsuden, straps, stickers...

  • I received sales permission from dewott May 17th of 2013.

  • You can find my feedback: HERE

  • Offers will end the 23rd November at 21 UK Time. Timer HERE

Sylveon stamper starts at 10$
Entei retsuden start at 8$
Meowth and Vigoroth starts at 5$ each

Keldeo strap 3$
Snivy, Pikachu, Oshawott strap 2$
Yveltal, Xerneas strap 2$ each
Trainer strap 2$ each
Gardevoir strap 7$ OBO
Furfrou strap 5$

Stickers 1$ each
Flabebe, Yveltal, Pikachu (x2), Noivern, Froakie.
Pan sticker 1$ Froakie
Amadas 1$: Charmander, Wartortle
Kids stickers 1$ each
Espurr, fletchinder, Mega Gardevoir, Hawlucha, Aurorus, Clauncher, Honedge, Mega Absol, Mega Lucario, attack Fennekin

And I got some gets. I finally have all the Ninetales kids! Three regulars and both clears *^* More Poli-line things with a super lot with the strap, the pen and the notebook of Politoed Pokemon Time!!!! <3 (yes, I have both of each one now xD) Lucario MPC, Piplup random figure and newer Charmander and Charizard MPCs!

Tags: entei, gets, group buy, meowth, payments, sales, sylveon, vigoroth
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