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Pokémon Collectors Day Out -- California-Style?

As a disclaimer, this is just a very tentative idea at the moment and I'm trying to gauge interest before we arrange anything too specific or certain.

So I was packaging things today, and I noticed--wow, there are quite a few people in this community in California (particularly the Bay Area). I am also in California and go to the bay area fairly often to visit friends and go to conventions, and as I continued madly packaging my mind started wandering.

pkmncollectors has had gatherings at anime conventions of course, but I know not all of our members are able to go to those. What would you guys think of doing a fun, general pkmncollectors of California gathering? I was thinking Japantown in San Francisco would be a natural choice, simply because a lot of members seem to be in that general area and Japantown has lots of Pokémon stuff in the shops.

We could do a meet up and introduction, and then shop in a group for a few hours, then maybe go to lunch or have a picnic, and find somewhere to hang out and play some fun Pokémon-related games for prizes. You know, just make it a day trip and get to know each other and have fun. :D

If given enough notice ahead of time, who would be interested in attending? In helping arrange games or events, or the meeting in general? In bringing a few prizes (I know I could bring some)? Making snacks to share with everyone? We could maybe even arrange region-specific carpools if we wanted. For example, I go through Sacramento and quite a few other cities on the way to San Francisco.

As for events, I was thinking about the following:
~ Pokémon speed-drawing competitions (where two people would draw a Pokémon as quickly as possible while their teams guess what Pokémon it is)
~ DS battle tournaments
~ Impromptu/fast plush-making or plush dress-up competitions with leftover or cheap material
~ Cosplay photoshoot
~ Pokémon cupcake decorating
~ Anything else you guys can think of that would be fun?

Anyway, I just wanted to put this out there and see how much interest there would be in something like this. If we were to do it, it would most likely be in a month or two or three to allow everyone to plan well ahead of time and make sure we get everything nicely planned so it could be a fun time with lots to do.

Anyone have input? Suggestions of dates, food, games to play, anything? :)

I'll understand if there's not enough interest or simply not enough members in the area to make this happen, but it would certainly be fun if we could arrange something!

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