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Umbreon Plush Catalog! Help please!

Hello everyone, I hope you are well! This past two months I have been narrowing down what I would like to focus on collecting, and one of those is Umbreon! I know its not a unique choice, but I've always loved him (plus he was a great part of my Nuzlocke and competitive team in the games)

I want to pace myself with collecting though. It will feel much more rewarding if I took this slowly!

The main goal of this Umbreon collection is to have every Umbreon plush! Now, I am in absolutely no rush, but I need help catalogging the plushes that have been released for him.

So far this is what I know exists of him:
(Soon to be in order of release)
- 2014 US Pokemon Center Eevee collection standing plush rerelease
- 2012 JP Pokemon Center Eevee collection standing plush
- 2010 US velboa pokedoll
- 2009 JP minky pokedoll
- 2008 JP minky pokedoll
- 2007 JP velboa pokedoll
- 2004 JP velboa pokedoll
- 2002 JP velboa pokedoll
- 2012 mini pokedoll keychain
- 2013 Pokemon Center trick pose
- year?? Banpresto I LOVE GOTHIC regular UFO
- 2012 Banpresto standing keychain plush
- 2013 Banpresto card motif plush
- 2013 Banpresto regular UFO plush
- 2013 Banpresto MPC plush
- 2013 Banpresto Super DX plush
- 2013 Banpresto Halloween plush
- 2012 Tomy Sitting Plush
- 2013 Korotto Manmaru plush
- 2009 Umbreon Canvas plush

EDIT: With the amount of pokedoll releases I've discovered I have decided only to get one JP minky, one JP velboa, and one US velboa for my collection xD

This is all that I know of so far! I would like to complete this catalog with proper release year and titles and I would like to include rereleases (i may not include too many in my collection, but i would like it just for reference) I will edit this entry when new information is presented. I will try to do research myself as well! I may include pictures and place the catalog under a cut when I get the chance to as well.

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