triplewipe45 (triplewipe45) wrote in pkmncollectors,

collection update!

hello friends!

i'd been waiting quite a bit to do a collection post, probably for at least a month now? thanks to you guys, my pokemon collection is steadily growing. since a lot of my other collections are hard to get things for, or don't release new products very often, it seems my pokemon collection is slowly taking over. thank you for being my update source, guys!

so, here's a collection update. let azelf guide you below the cut.


let's begin in october.


the south center pokemon machine was very generous that day. i completed my meowstic line pokedolls, got the sylveon i wanted, and snagged a few extra cute buddies. sylveon's little feet are so cute!


tomy piplup to replace the bootleg pokedoll piplup i had, so i could say i had at least one official piplup. his little flappy arms are so precious. currently, he and the bootie piplup sit with my other penguins and polar bears.


the poketime and pokedoll raichus are not new, but the HQ one is! he is so soft. i couldnt stop hugging him for days. ;; he's so squishy. my raichus are glad to have a friend!


oshawotts from splash, and azelf from basketbears! azelf is my favorite legendary, and the oshawott pokedolls were needed to add some frowny faces to my oshawott collection. canvases were much smaller than i imagined they'd be! the pokedolls are excellent, though. <3


pardon the ugly flash. this is my goomy collection! recently, i got the oops goomy, the can badge, and a sticker from the community. i hope to make goomy my main pokemon collection. he shares the shelf with my pumpkaboos and my raichus.


and finally, what showed up on my doorstep today! musharna is a plush i kept passing over, but then i found a great deal on her on ebay through someone close by, with 100% positive feedback. little gulpin was through sunyshore. i was so excited to hear that gulpin was finally getting a new plush, he was a staple on my team in xy. who can resist those kissy lips?!

so for now, here are my shelves where my pokemon roam. i have more shelves, but not much pokemon on them...pardon my other collections!


my oshawotts are with my japanese yuruchara, while my pumpkaboos, goomies, and raichus are all together.


my shelf with my other pokemon! 'tis getting a bit crowded...but isn't it always nice to have friends?

i must get going now, but i just wanted to thank everyone for their help in expanding my collection. i appreciate it! i'm so glad i joined you guys.

ta ta for now!


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