drifloonx (herar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

i want stuff!

okay, ORAS is days away, and i should be saving my money for upcoming Groudy stuff but GOSH I JUST WANNA BUY STUFF RIGHT NOW.

Here's some stuff i'm looking for:

This little ice cream charm from the Winter/Sweets Picnic promo. I'd prefer just to have this charm. I'm also after the swing chain with this guy on it.

I literally just now figured out these existed! They came out in August with all the movie promo stuff. I am looking for the Chesnaught bathsalt figure! Or if anyone could point out where I might be able to buy a box to try my luck, that would be okay too.

The rest of my wants are here: http://www.sootopoliscity.com/wanted.html

I am interested in literally anything that's on the list (especially Groudon, Klefki and Chesnaught) and also not on the list that I might not own.
and I really want some custom primal groudon (or just regular groudon) stuff that ISN'T flat stuff. I am not talking just plush/sculpts but like anything yo for real. I have been browsing etsy/storenvy/etc snatching up everything i can but i need...more ;_;
Tags: chesnaught, groudon, klefki, meloetta, vanillish, vanillite, vanilluxe, wanted
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