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A little collection update!

I recently (this morning) decided to get out my Pokémon collection, until I realised I just have no room at the moment to properly display it all... So I dragged out my Drifloons, Drifblims and Raichus and plopped them on my bookshelf! So here's some pictures of them!

Though before I get to that, here's a little irony for you; A few days after I return to PKMNCollectors, my laptop screen broke ;A;
I'm currently using a HDMI cable and my TV to write this post, but it hurts my neck, bahhh.

Picture stolen from my instagram (ignore the weird stickers, my boyfriend and I got bored one day o_o)

So as of this morning I have to be more careful what I buy, with Christmas coming up as well...
On a happier note, on to the collection update! (and apologies if the pictures are too large, I struggle to find a healthy balance)



Let's start with my beloved Balloons and Blimps! A few new things since my last update; I think just the Pokémon Time charm and the 2 Jakks figures. I do have a very special item in the mail though along with a Drifloon Chou, 2 more Jakks Drifloons plush (one with it's hangtag!) and a Jakks Drifblim plush, whoops. Many people hate Jakks Drifloon but I find it endearing~
I also plan to pay on Wednesday for the Pokémon Time Drifloon clear files and sweets tin, a Drifblim TOMY, 2 new Drifblim charms, a Drifblim battrio coin and finally an iPhone 5 case which has Drifblim featured on it. I will be using the phone case, much to the collector inside me grimacing, because I recently got an iPhone 5s and I needed a case for it anyway. Fingers crossed it only gets minorly scuffed up T3T
It's all happening in Drifloon and Drifblim world!
You can also see an awful picture I drew about 5 years ago of a Drifloon, but I stuck it up there for the nostalgia I guess. Heh!




IMG_0111 (2)

Next is my Raichus. The only new one's here I believe are the Taffeta plush, the Pokéathlon patch and the large I <3 Raichu Banpresto plush who is sat next to my lottery Shaymin (I believe that's correct, I won her in a GA on a whim!). Taffeta, Banpresto and Hasbro Raichu's had to be shoved on different shelves because I had no space, booo. I'm very glad to have my fuzzy Raichu back where I can see her though ^3^


And a view of the whole bookshelf collection, with my Mystery Dungeon Bidoof making a small cameo. I do hope sometime soon I can maybe get my Woobat/Swoobat and Porygon/2/-Z collections out at least.

Also, a surprise appearance from my second spare Banpresto Raichu, who sleeps in bed with me.


Her name is Poffin. Who says 20 year old's can't sleep with electric mice/rats?

And that's it from me for now! I don't have much money since I need a new laptop plus Christmas presents for people, but I'll include my wants post here since I'm not sure when I'll next post yet ^^

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