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One more collection update!

I know I know, I was supposed to wait for one more package to come before making this update, but I was WAY too excited for what I received today to wait!

First, a custom get! this adorable sticker set is from Hajimikimo Store on Storenvy. I love her stickers so much, so I just had to get my whole XY team of favorites. But I was so tempted to get EVERY SINGLE POKEMON! Just look at how cute they are.

Then we have this amazing clearfile based on the Mega Evolution TV special. Obviously got it for Blaziken, but everyone else on here is super cool as well!

... I mostly got the clearfile for the illustration on the back though. Hawlucha is on here, and Luxio is another one of my favorites, so I just had to get it!

I don't remember if I posted this already, but I had this cosmetic bag printed with some art I made myself. It only cost me 99 cents so it was a great deal XD

Hawlucha seems to appear on many cookie tins! This one is pirate themed :D

"Welcome the new Year" clearfile. Do I even have to say why I almost scremed when I first saw it? I just had to get this and the matching postcard. I love this artwork so much.

I want to build a real kite like this!

... oh, and don't forget the metal charms too!

And now for even more cute stuff! LOOK AT THIS PITAPOKE THEMED PENCIL BOARD! I wish all of these were made into a figure, because...

... because YEAH, but even if they never make the figure, at least I'll have this super cute artwork to cheer me up!

I also thought I'd repost a few pictures from my last collection update as I have the feeling that some people didn't see them as I updated my post with pictures only a few hours after actually writing it as I was too excited XD'

Got my Battle festa 2014 items finally too! Got these for Hawlucha of course! This first one is a promotional flyer.

My most anticipated item from the Battle Festa 2014 event, this sticker is great because you can see Hawlucha's artwork as a whole! I just love this art so much, I'm glad they decided to include Hawlucha in this promo.

This is a very sturdy, durable box to hold your cards and card supplies. I had a lot of fun building it following the instructions.

Detail of the open box.


More pictures and many other things can of course be seen in my collection website. And please sell me things I don't have! I have a wish list here, but I am looking for many more things, those are just my main wants/grail. I'd love EVERYTHING with Hawlucha on it :D

As always, thanks for reading and happy collecting!
Tags: avalugg, blaziken, charizard, clawitzer, collection, furfrou, greninja, hawlucha, heliolisk, luxio, metagross, people, rayquaza, sceptile, swampert, talonflame
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