vande_bot (vande_bot) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wanted - Pikachu Tin

I am really hoping that someone on here has one of these. My cross stitch tin is starting to break. So I thought..why  not get a Pikachu tin. So i did a bit of searching on google and found the below tin!


This tin would be pefect to keep my threads in! Does anyone have one for sale? If so can you give me a price inc shipping to the UK?

Also I found a wonderful bargain in Home Bargins when I had to nip in before coming home yesterday.

2014-11-17 17.48.25

It only cost me £7.99! So I couldn't pass it up. They also had some other figures (Arceus), Thunderous Catch and release.

Also I have amended my shipping prices for my sales. I will ship via normal airmail now. I will take a photo of the receipt if anyone wishes to see one if sent this way! Click the pic or link below!

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