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Some Figures for Sale!

Goldy brings you: Figure sales!

(Look forward to a big Farfetch'd collection update once one more package arrives!!!)


*Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 9/19/14
*Feedback link
*Paypal is preferred, but other forms can be accepted. Please PM if you wish to deal another way.
*All prices in USD
*Haggling is accepted within a reasonable price range.
*I HAVE A DOG but she does not shed, chew, or otherwise mess up any of my Pokemon stuff. Or, for that matter, any of her own toys.
*Smoke-free household.
*I live within walking distance of a UPS store. If you wish to pay a bit more for shipping (only a dollar or two more for small purchases), it can be shipped same-day or next-day (depending on time of purchase PST). The post office is a bit further and I need to get a ride there, so it may be a few days before it can be shipped. I will let you know as soon as your package has been shipped, and please feel free to PM me with any shipping concerns.
*Small numbers of flats can be shipped for real cheap and may result in discounted shipping.
*Shipping is from Nevada, USA.
*Trades are accepted, I'm always looking for cool Farfetch'd merch, the last few TCG I need to complete my binder, TCG for my decks in progress, zukans of my favorite pokemon, rad pins, buttons and badges, and plush.
*Feel free to inquire about any item listed! Additional pictures can be provided upon request.

Keychain figures: $3 each (Togepi is $2 and Pikachu is free with purchase or $0.50 due to damage)
Roller ball figures (have a heavy metal ball inside so they can roll around and stuff. I used to have some kind of stadium they could fight in?) $5 each

TFGs: $5 each (Torchic is $2 or free with any purchase of $10 or more due to missing the base)
Specify if you want a white or black ring if you want one at all! I have both kinds lying around.

Tomy figures: Bagon, Gligar, Burmy, Cacturne and Wingull are definitely bootlegs. These are free with purchase or $0.50 each.
Moltres, Pikachu, Houndoom and Heracross are definitely real. These are $5 each, except for Houndoom who is $10.
Slowbro and Squirtle are also definitely real, but have damage. Slowbro is (somehow) missing a whole chunk of leg, and Squirtle lost a tail.
The rest may be bootleg or may be real, but I'm not entirely sure. Make me an offer. I can take better pictures of any one. If you decide to purchase one and find out it is in fact bootleg, let me know and we can work something out.


Kids: $4 each


Hasbro figures (Grovyle, Swellow, Ash): $5 each
Ho-oh HGSS Preorder Figure: $10
Houndoom V-Trainer: $10
Other figures: $4 or best offer.

I have lots of other figures, including lots of Jakks and BK/McD figures, 151 figures, and even some tomys i forgot to photograph! Not to mention all my TCG and various spare plush. Feel free to make a list of Pokemon and I can leave you a list of what I can offer! This is far from everything I'm looking to sell ._.
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