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Happy anniversary! (To me)

Technically my aniversary is on the 21st, but with ORAS coming out that day, idk about you guys but I'm gonna spend all my time playing! XD under the cut is a quick re-introduction since we got a LOT of new members since I joined, a collection update, and a merch game so grab a seat you may be here awhile XD;;;;;

This is what I started with, now come see how much it grew!

Hello!! Omg I can't believe its been a year!! I honestly didn't think I would stick around this long, but everyone has been so awesome and welcoming I just couldn't leave. X3 ah I'm just so excited to do this update, the fact that ORAS comes out in a few days and all the new merch that will be released I'm just:
hahahaha!! okay, okay. As most know, my real name is Carolyn and I'm a 22-year-old girl from MS. I LOVE Persian and Team Rocket because of how awesome they are and how they teach everyone not to give up..... Even after 500+ attempts to catch Pikachu! XP Now, Persian has a deeper meaning. when I was 8, I had a wonderful kitten, who I named Persian since she looked like a Persian, for 6 short months. Unfortunately, my neighbor accidently hit her with his car and she died instantly. :( but that never stopped me from owning more cats, so as tribute to her, I decided persian will be my favorite Pokemom to keep her memories alive ^_^

Now that that's done, come see my collection!! O(≧▽≦)O
Heres most of my Team Rocket collection~  I. JUST. LOVE. ALL. OF. IT.

Shelf 1!
shelf 2!
um... "Shelf" 3?....... Tor-chic-chic-chic!!!

Lets play a game! If you could have a secret base to put all your merch in how would you design it? I will show you mine in the comments because livejournal keeps saying my post is to large, dammit let me have my moment LJ!

you can make one if you click this link: I would love to see what ya'll come up with in the comments!

Finally, I would like to take this chance to thank everyone for their kindness.  I'd be lying if I said this year has not been.... Quite eventful, and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who listened to me and made me feel better since none of my friends can keep their mouths shut as much as I love them. @-@ Seriously, that means so much. :) Heres to more collecting (^o^)/ *raises glass*
As always, stay classy~

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