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A busy collector trying to make a post ^^

I haven't posted for ages (2 months, which is not so long in fact lol But I was used to posting at least once a month, so it seems a while to me ^^). The reason is simple: studies (like most of us). Besides I'm a bit frustrated because I'm pretty sure I won't have enough time to play ORAS (> <). But this week we had less homework, so I had to jump at this chance to make my post at the end.

Let's start with my latest purchase: Pokémon Adventures manga.
Red, Blue and Yellow have been republished this year in France.

Then my gets from the comm' o/
¤ from doryphish333
The Special Delivery Pikachu. Although the design is very similar to the Tokyo Station one, it is quite nice, soft, and it's a PC exclusive so I gave in ^-^
¤ from kyedhen1female
Another Pikachu dating from 2013 Christmas. I was not really fond of it at first, but I totally changed my mind recently ^-^
And finally the awesome Greninja <3 I love this Pokemon and I've so much wanted this plush for a while. Thus when I saw the price I just rushed on it o/ And I got this cute Dragonite Time candy box as a gift :3

¤ from poliwhirl
Ippai Fairy figures. Really cute :3 I love the long dress of Gardevoir.

And now my other gets
Tiny plushies (because everything small is cute ^^).
Eeveelutions mini sit pose: I still miss Vaporeon and Sylveon :/
Pokémon Petit: I'm taken with Farfetch'd which is beautifully cute :3

Small mix of plushies.
Some heat with Gourgeist and Pikachu from the Halloween promo. Plus the Petit Pikachu to which I succumbed : 3
Then pastel shades of Fairy/Ice types. The shiny fabric used for the diamonds of Strassie and Diancie look very good.
And finally Zangoose <3 Oh my god this charisma!

Fall Series.
Dedenne completes the Spooky Party set.
Shinzi Katoh's Pikachu pairs are back with this second "Little tales" campaign. Really cute: 3
And finally the Mega Gengar promo has struck. Long live the Ghost! Long live the Shiny!

Thank you for reading :3

Take a look at my collection website for more pictures:
(even though it is not updated at all :/)

I also have a Fb collection page (don't hesitate to like it and comment ^^):

And check my sales o/
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