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A question about custom plushing/commissioning.

The Grovyle plush I have in my room that I got on ebay, I'm really thankful I got him. :3

But I had a what-if in regards to custom plushmaking. The Grovy doll I have is great, but I also wish he could be bigger. I have a real affinity for the largest Pokeplushes; the bigger they are, the better, and the positive feeling I get from these characters through the items gets bigger. :3 That's why I love my Celebi plush so much, aside from being one of my favorite legends, she's one of the biggest plushes I own. That's why I hunt for the largest ones I can find on ebay.

So I had a thought: What if I could study Grovyle's seams, cut out the right shapes, and just scale them up, to make a double-sized Grovyle? Or even bigger? Grovyle's actual height is just shy of three feet... boy, you could just imagine how awesome that would be. :3 I know someone here said he/she would love a life-size 6-foot tall Blaziken, so I know the sentiment is shared.

But here's the question: Is that kind of cheating? I mean I hope to be able learn about what shapes and styles of seams make up these guys, but would scaling/duplication like that be ok? And what if I tried to commission plushes like that, would that kind of be going against some unwritten rule?

And is it even legal to commission guys like that?  I'm not entirely certain if anybody would be too happy about it...

That being said, if that's totally fine to do, I'm going to see if I can practice that. Maybe take one of my smaller guys and try to reproduce it twice the size or something.

So If this all checks out, is it ok if later I ask for some photos from many different angles, front-ways, side-ways, top-ways, underneath, etc, of a certain rare Pokemon that I've been looking for. Today I discovered he's only about 10 inches, and that's fine, but he'd be so much more well suited to be bigger, like 3-ish feet, and that much more adorable. But I want to see if the idea is even an ok one first.

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