Nina Needless (absol) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Nina Needless

New gets + collection update

Hey everyone!
It are received so much new items in the last weeks. I found my M-Absol retsuden stamp and my TFG with base on Ebay! So many new gets :D Im happy that my Absol collection is growing <3
I will show you my new gets, now :3


Im so happy to find my retsuden stamp :D now i have my Absol TFG, Retsuden stamp, real Netsuke figure, and the m-Absol strap :D But i got a awesome and cool Mightyena TFG from the community, too <3 Thank you fierywolfess ^-^

The Tomy's looks awesome to me :D Now i have all 3 birds ^^

That is my Absol collection at the moment. ^-^ i hope you enjoy it!

I hope my Meowstic items comes the next week :3 Then can i post a picture of this collection.

Thanks for watching!
Tags: absol, banette, gets, kyogre, meowstic, mightyena, talonflame
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