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Topps Pokémon CardDex

For those who remember, and for those who never knew but might be interested, I am creating an application for making an inventory of the Topps Pokémon Cards.


I had release a beta version quite a while ago. Now I realized that to add some features and to make the program look a little better it was quicker to rewrite it completely in another language, since the one I was using was outdated and difficult to work with. This means the application is again a nearly untested beta. It should work on windows OS, not on other OS; I think you can use an emulator for that, but I only have windows OS at hand, so right now I can't try to use an emulator from another OS. Till now I tested it on three windows 8 and on a windows 7, it worked, hoping it works correctly on other computers too. In case it doesn't please tell me, I don't have anymore computers to make tests myself, so I rely on external help.

The most important features I added are the inclusion of different editions for a series, the inclusion of different foil types and the inclusion of foreign series.

In this page you can find the download for the new beta:


In the same page there's a long speech on the application features and on how you can help the project by reporting bugs, giving info, pics etc.

If you collect this cards you may find it useful, not only for making the inventory, but there's a great deal of information about each series.

If you are from a non-english speaking country, among the information I'm looking for, I'm particularly looking for information on foreign series. If you take a look at what information the application contains, you could help me fill it. Many episodes cards are also listed as Unknown because I don't know their name in that language

Also, this is my missing card list (I'm mostly interested in missing common cards and promo cards, chasecards are too expensive):


Thanks for reading this far XD

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