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An Introduction + Possible Bootleg?

Edit#2: added a little more to the mini wants list. If anyone is selling or knows someone who's selling any of these, please tell me!

Edit: I thought I'd also list a few of my wants. I don't know if I'd be able to afford them all, so there may only be a few I might be able buy at the moment, and I might only get only one or two of them at that, but I'll list them anyways. Helps me keep track of things.

*Sewaddle and pansage pitapoke set
*snivy pitapoke
*Minun pokedoll
*Lucario pokedoll
*serperior pokedoll
*samurott pokedoll

I probably won't get the pokedolls for the moment, but that depends.

Hey guys! I just recently got in to PKMNCollectors, and I hope to have a great time here!

Time to introduce myself a bit. I collect mostly plush, and have recently started on collecting pokedolls. My favorite types are the Poison and Grass types, which show a little bit in the plushes have. It's not much, as I don't get to shop for plush that often, but I can show you what I have. It'll be shown under the cut!


First off are these three! My clauncher pokedoll (Who I call Pistol), My Cinccino pokedoll (Zade) and my transforming pokeball oshawott. I usually leave these three on my bed, as I like to cuddle with them.


From left to right here are my Tomy chespin, Jakks cherubi (My first pokemon plush) and my Pokemon Center Servine. Cherubi and Servine are pretty soft too.


My Benpresto UFO togekiss! She's really cute. I mean, just look at that face!

Now, I also would like a little help here with identifying this Tomy snivy. He's another plush of mine, but I'm a bit unsure of him for the moment. I think he might be a bootleg, but I'm not sure if he is, or isn't. I'm normally really good at identifying whether a plush is fake or not, which means he likely isn't, but I still really don't know about that. I got him as a gift from a friend last year, and that friend of mine isn't really too big on pokemon. She also bought him online somewhere, but I don't know where or from who, so I guess that's the main factor doubting me. You can take a look at him under the cut.


Snivy looks pretty fine for the most part. His tail twists a little though, and I'm not sure if that's a common thing in this plush.


Sorry, this one's a little blurry here... but from this picture you can kinda see how his tail is connected on the back.


Here are both sides of his face. Note how the top picture shows a slightly bigger eye, and more space under the eye than the bottom picture. I mean, I know Tomy plush aren't always perfect, but do slight imperfections like this happen? I have no idea since I've never really seen any other Tomy snivy in person before. His stitching doesn't look too messy and looks ok to me.


Another blurry picture. I just took this one to show how his arms are. his right arm kind of curves a little bit with a seemingly under stuffed shoulder. Is that a typical thing?

He also came with a tag, but I'm not sure what happened to it. I don't exactly remember what the tag looked like, but it had some yellow on it I think. He also has a tush tag that I didn't get a clear picture of. I might take a picture of that if you need to see it.

PS. I preordered Omega ruby and we also got Smash for Wii U. They're awesome.
Tags: cherubi, chespin, cinccino, clauncher, introductions, oshawott, servine, snivy, togekiss, wants
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