eeveefreakashie (eeveefreakashie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hello everyone!! Sorry I was away~

Hello everyone! :D I haven't been on in a week now cause I was busy making cosplay and getting ready for a con
I went to Daisho con I been going for the last 6 years ^_^ so I have alot of stuff to show you of what i bought from the vendor room!
But here's a picture of me and my Fiancee as Team magma (it was my first time sewing a whole outfit!)

[Spoiler (click to open)]10422272_10100263146750577_5618066153910239699_n
I got this cutie pie :3 look at him, how could you say no? he's a Japanese import too!!

I finally got a pokedoll figure of eevee! but her stand was missing ;-; oh well she's still cute

Me and my Fiancee got our first Kid figure! we got blastoise! cause my fiancee love the squirtle evolution

I swear all this pokemon stuff i bought from the same person at their booth (except pikachu) but they showed me this and then i was like YEP I NEED IT, imma have my fiancee put it together cause he loves legos C:

I just wanted to show a close up of this fabric someone in the artist alley had a pokemon scarf and i had to have it

here's a picture of me wearing it :3

I had so much fun at the con the only downside is i haven't got to play much of my new pokemon game cause of the con and now i have to work 7 days in a row at work ;___; but i hope you enjoyed my new gets! :D
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