Captain B.F. Archimer (archimer) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Captain B.F. Archimer

Kinda lookin' for a Garchomp Lv. X

Evenin', everybody!

I am sort-of searching for a Garchomp Lv. X. I am, however, cheap as heck, and can only expect a cheap-as-heck-chewed-on card for this. It's worth a try, though!

Basically, I need one of these cards to play in a deck. Condition isn't important to me at all as long as it's not marred to the point that it's not legal or playable in tournaments.

It's probably a long shot, but if anybody has/knows somebody who has a loved/nommed on Garchomp Lv. X card that they'll sell me on-the-cheap, let me know!

- Arch
Tags: cards, garchomp
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