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Attention Shipping in morning D:

anyone who's tradign with me I just wanna know everything is being shipped tommorow!

Anyone who hasn't swapped adresses with me needs to now or I won't be able to mail your stuff until next week more than likely and I don't want anyone to have to wait that long

Or if you think you might wanna trade
theres my post ;D

But anyway I jsut wanna say thanks to EVERYONE who is trading with me you don't know how happy this has made me you guys ;u;
you are an awesome community and I'm so glad to be here!
I hope you guys like me as much as I like you all xD <3

But anyway I can't wait to post my first kids collection picture eeeeh c:

Oh and I have a couple new wants if anyone wanted to know

Snubbull Kid
chatot Kid
Dittochu Kid

But yeah
honestly I'm really nervous I hope nothing gets lost in the mail or anything
I'm sure nothing will but I'm paranoid about everything

Anyway so jsut thanks again and Please Email me At If we have yet to exchange adresses

thanks again so much D:
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