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Cute stories and a shipping question

Basically, the wonderfully thoughtful iammyworld noticed I really wanted a Cyndaquil pokedoll, and so has been sending me links off and on. I'm not too experienced with Y!J, so when Hardrock-Pokemon came up, I nudged the link in the direction of my boyfriend for a potential Christmas gift (he'd been asking what I wanted and I didn't want to just say "pokemon" ;P).

He used my paypal, the package is coming to my address, but I am not allowed to open the package. Also I'm not allowed to check the receipts and stuff rofl. So I'm PRETTY SURE it's Cynda but at the same time sort of not. I could find out but I have been forbidden. XD Maddening!

I find the entire process rather endearing and cute. Using my paypal for a surprise and all, hehe.

Any other really adorable poke-gift stories? Ones you've received or given :D

Also, sorry for being kind of OT, but I have a question for you more experienced packaging people out there.

I have this... ridiculously large laying dragon plush that someone has expressed interest in buying. It's about a meter and a foot long, maybe two feet tall - and reasonably heavy. Not difficult to lift, but still.

Even with the vague dimensions, any idea what that would cost to ship, and HOW I would even go about packaging it? x_x;
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