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ORAS has landed in Europe! Lots of steelbook photos inside

Hi everyone! It's currenly past 1am in the UK, and I've been back from the midnight launch for a little while, looking at my goodies and taking photos! Thank Arceus I don't have any lectures tomorrow, because these new games are taking over my day.

Lots of photos of the steelbook edition, plus figures, below!


Photo 27-11-2014 08 22 52 PMPhoto 27-11-2014 07 54 22 PM
I of course had to wear my Hoenn pride on my sleeve on my way to town - I also wore a little Team Magma pin on my jacket lapel for the finishing touch. Betcha can't guess my favourite team.

The kitchen table as soon as me and my flatmates got back from the launch.

I spy with my little eye...

The goodies!

The backs of the boxes are really nice... I'm really happy about Teams Magma and Aqua being on there! I'm so glad that they're getting attention in promotions/artwork.


"Hey, why are you looking at that ugly blue box? Look at mine!"

As you can see, the steelbooks are GORGEOUS. They're matte finish, other than Groudon and Kyogre having a beautiful spot gloss on them. They're metallic in such a way that the glowing designs on them glint very beautifully in the light. It's hard to do justice on camera!

The sets also come complete with the regular game boxes too, which is nice. I really love how EU and JP releases got coloured plastic boxes, almost as a nod to the coloured cartridges of the original Ruby and Sapphire.

And here we have Alpha Sapphire! I did pick this up for myself as well, despite my bias towards all things Ruby.

I hate to say it, but I think the Alpha Sapphire steelbook is the most gorgeous of the two. There's a lot less going on, which means Kyogre stands out more. Very sleek and simple.

Figures! These are actually my flatmates, as GAME was strict on the whole "steelbook orders don't get figures" thing, much to my disappointment... I went for picking up the games in store rather than through the Nintendo online store (which would have got me both steelbook and figure) because I live in university dorms and would have probably waited an extra few days for the games to sift through the on-campus mail system.

Groudon! I'll be fair in saying that these figures feel pretty cheap, but they have some cool details. Groudon has glitter in his clear body!

Again, I hate to admit it, but Kyogre is the nicer of the two. The sleek simplistic design works well! The inner body is really cool, the yellow section is within the clear plastic so you get that depth... if that makes sense?

I'm a little sad that I didn't get any figures (despite paying more for the steelbooks? It's not like I got the steelbooks as one bonus and couldn't get an extra bonus on top, I paid extra for them but deserved less than people who bought the normal games? Ah, pedantics.) but I'm pretty sure I'll be picking up the Japanese Kaiyodo preorder figures anyway!

And for those I am middling games for...

Photo 27-11-2014 04 10 33 PM

They have arrived, much to my mother's excitement, safe and sound! I sent them home rather than trusting my university's mail system. I'll be going home and back on Monday just so I can ship them off to everyone! The things I do for the comm, hey? :P
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