Kumori (eiei_o_kumori) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Loking for a lily Pad mew and my holy grails.

So i posted my mew collection the other day and I started thinking to myself 'I'd love to have all my cards in mint condition.' All of my cards basically are, but my poor lily pad mew isn't. =[ The poor thing has two bends in the lower left hand corner and there are scratched and indents all over the back of it.

So now I'm asking you guys if you know of any sites [not eBay] that are selling lily pad mew for preferable under $20. I have one site that's $19.99 but because I'm cheep I'm not sure if i wanna pay that much [I also don't have a job ><]

I'm looking for both the glossy and non-glossy version.

These are the cards i'd basically kill for.

Tags: cards, mew, wanted
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