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Because every contest needs a joke entry

When the Pokémon plush Halloween costume contest was announced, my eyes sparkled like a scratchcat upon spotting a hoard of coins. I was struck by pure inspiration! The perfect circumstance to bring a forgotten dream to life!

You see, way back during the old Battle Frontier arc of the Pokémon anime, a trainer appeared with a very special Meowth. To start with, it kicked ass; this trainer put his all into his little Meowth, making it a surprise powerhouse, just like me (Elite Four bitches didn't know about my super Meowth). And, like Team Rocket's Meowth, it had a tragic past, a burning hatred for Persian, and walked like a human. While it didn't talk like a human, it took on another human trait...

it dressed like a human!

Behold, Meowth-in-Boots!

When this Meowth appeared for several episodes, I was certain we'd see it in plush form. Looking back, that was a pretty foolish assumption, but oh how I wanted one. For this contest, I decided to try and create one myself! Sure, these brilliant ideas of mine, especially the hands-on arts-n-crafts ideas, always fall abysmally flat... but surely that couldn't possibly be the case this time!

What an ill-advised idea! Perhaps I should have...

-bought cheap fabric to practice with the first time around
-used a plush that was not designed to sit and resist standing
-bought that stupid cowboy hat and used it as a base rather than sneering "it's not exactly the same so I'll just make my own, piece of cake"
-started a week or a month earlier
-not tried

But even though it turned out poorly, has no chance of winning, wore on my last nerve, and brings on pangs of rage and frustration just by looking at it, in the end I have a Meowth-in-Boots of my very own... kinda.

Oh well! Nothing ventured, nothing gained! $30 saved, but nothing gained! I tell ya, as if I didn't have tons of respect for your craft-saavy plush makers already, I certainly have even more now, and I extend great congratulations to every single other contest entrant who made such wonderful costumes for their Pokémon.
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