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Looking for any Lapras kids! ^_^

Hello lovely comm-folk!
It's been forever since I've posted anything (my advanced classes have been kicking my tush this semester)
kittay752 my darling, I know you sent me a long, wonderful email, which I've also been kicking myself about not answering because of the aforementioned craziness going on - but I promise I'll get back to ya. <3
I've even blown right through my one year anniversary on pkmncollectors without a re-introduction which really bummed me out.
However, I will be doing a giant collection update (and boy is it giant) during the Christmas break! ^_^

Anyhoo, I've been noticing most of my Lapras kids have scuffs and wear, so I'm looking for anyLapras kids without scuffs or wear! :)
I'd especially like to get my grubby paws on the attack kid. O_O
For reference:

But again, I'd like any Lapras kids you may have in good condition. :)

Oh, and to not make this post ultra boring, here's a little snippet of the collection, with hints of ghosties, lockness monsters and chubby cuties.

Tags: gengar, lapras, snorlax
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