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Gets Update!

Hey! Here are some items I got during October and November.


First off, we got some more yummy treats from Oyatsu Cafe. We got some veggie crackers, corn puffs and a chocolate waffer (my favourite one out of them all)! Each package came with it's own stickers.


On the left side of the picture below, is just what the waffer looks like and the sticker that came along with it. On the right, I was so excited when I found these at an Asian supermarket (T&T) I went to! I also saw the gummies, corn puffs and waffers being sold there too! It was fun to pop the marble from the rammune bottles and the Pikachu soccer Choco puffs were good too! Came with a sticker as well, but I don't know where I put it.


Next, I also ordered the hot curry from OyatsuCafe. It wasn't spicy, easy to prepare and tasted better than I expected. Sorry, I ate all of it before taking a picture of the package holding the curry and the prepared curry :P

Aside from Pokemon food (I really should stop eating so many sweet treats aha!), I also commissioned captainangel for these beautiful pieces! I love them all! I even laminated them so I could stick them somewhere in the future. Unfortunately, my laminating skills were not 100% successful! As you can see, the Leafeon is a little bit on top of Sylveon! :( From there I stopped cutting them out. They are beautiful and I love the mini Vulpix she drew on the note! Made me happy :) Thanks again!

PicMonkey Collage

Later on, I was buying a print from ItsBirdy for my brother's birthday and it came with this framed Vulpix print. WIN WIN. A print for my bro and one for me :) Also, the sketch he drew on the note was so cute! He's amazing! Bought it from his Etsy store. Check him out if you don't know him! https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/ProjectRocket


Then, I saw this beautiful cup on Ebay! I think this came out during the summer. I had to get it! This will be my favourite cup!


Finally, areica96 help me middleman these awesome items from Hot topic! They were on sale, but were only available to the USA! Thanks so much! I love them them! Also, on the bottom right corner is a Pikachu wall sticker I got off Ebay. It's not official, but it's really cute. NOw... where should I stick it.

Well, that's the end of the gets post. Now here's an awkward selfie lol!

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