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My First Sales Post! Please come take a look! Lots of items up for grabs! + Figure cleaning remedy

Hey guys! It's been awhile since I made a post. Been caught up with school and all >.< but finally I have some time this weekend to post my first sales!!! *V*

Please read my rules carefully.
*All pkmncollectors rules apply
*I was granted sales permission on September 22nd, 2014 by entirelycliched
*My community feedback can be found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/aki199257/
*I will not sell to banned users, and reserve the right to refuse to sales to anyone who I do not feel safe selling to.
*Please express clearly whether you are committed or just asking a quote. Asking for a quote does not mean a hold on the item. Priority on items will go to those who are committed to the full price of the item.
*The price of each item does not include Paypal fees and shipping cost.
*Negative feedback will be left if you back out of a sale, please do not commit if you cannot pay.
*I come from a pet-free and non-smoking home.
*I will not accept returns and not responsible for lost packages or damaged packages, once the items leaves my hands.
*If you are concerned about the conditions of the items, please ask for further details or pictures if needed.
*I accept holds for 24 hours only if you are committed to the item(s).
*If you have read my rules, please write "bubbles" somewhere in your message.

*I ship from Canada. International shipping is quite costly. To the US, flats start at $5 and small plush start around $10, but it depends on the weight. However, I suggest to save on shipping, US buyers can have all their items shipped together in a box to one member who will then ship to the individuals. Shipping to US usually takes just one week, very quick. For other countries, I can only give an estimate according to the Canada Post website, but I can double check with the post office and get back to you.

Here's a Preview of some items:
Sales Preview

Everything else is under the cut. :) EDIT: There is one plush that is going to be shipped from the US, the Kyogre plush.

Jumbo Angry Pikachu 15" with paper tag and tush tag - $40
Pikachu with closed mouth, tush tag only - $10
Chubby Pikachu, tush tag only - $7
Pikachu Chippy - $7
Talking Pikachu Figure - $5
Pikachu Keychain - $4
Azurill, Totodile, Piplup (sitting and standing) - $5 each
Tepig and Snivy (in the second row) - $8 each
I <3 Marine Manaphy - $10
Porygon Z - $30
Pokemon Time Charizard - $35
Petite Charmander - $12
Snivy with paper tag and tush tag - $18
Buneary, tush tag only - $5
Hasbro beanie plush - $7 each
Oshawott Canvas, tush tag only - $10
Mudkip with bowl (missing 2 seeds) - $8
Mudkip plush - $4

*Almost forgot about this guy*
Kyogre plush - $12, He is the only one that is in the US. So shipping should be relatively cheap. I have to check with my middleman on that. :)

Pichu pouch - $8
Rachu pouch - $13
Custom Pikachu Hoody Scarf - $35
Chikorita, Totodile, Cyndaquil Talking Figures (no batteries) - $4 each, or $10 for the set
Eevee and Eeveelutions Folder -$15
Poke-Box Eeveeluation and various pokemons Pencil case - Offers start at $30.
Top row, slightly damaged Tomy figures. Some are in better conditions, please ask. - $3 each, except Eevee and Charmeleon which is $7
TFG, Lugia is the most marked. The other two is very minor. - $5 Lugia, $7 each for the rest
Pikachu bottle cap - $4
Abra FCS - $2
Azurill Bean - $3
Angry Pikachu with missing tail - $3
Snorlax pouch - $1
Munchlax kid, figure, and strap - $1 each
Piplup kid - $2
Charmandar clear strap - $3
N flat - $1
Plush keychains - $3 each
Charmandar and Squirtle Plastic Keychain - $3 each
Venusaur DX kid - $4
Plastic keychains on the left - $3 each
Stamps - $2 each
Kyogre figures - $7 for the larger one, and $5 for the smaller one
Jigglypuff bank (one eyes scratched) - $1
Totodile Figure - $4
Slowpoke figure - $7
Vintage stamps - $5 each
Sticker sheet - $0.25 small pokemon, $0.75 big pokemon, or $5 for the whole sheet
Pokemon cup brand new - $20
Pokemon roller stampers featuring: Psyduck, Togepi and Vulpix - Offers start at $30.

Auctions will end in a week and a half.
Countdown Clock: http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20141212T00&p0=250&msg=Pokebox+Pencil+Case+%2B+Pokemon+Roller+Stamper+Auction&csz=1&swk=1

I recently bought this Lugia Hasbro figure from a member, but then I got it, one side has a yellowish tint to it whereas the other side is white. I want to ask, does anyone know any good remedies to clean off the yellowish tint? I am not sure if it was caused by sun damaged or whatnot. I bought this for my boyfriend's birthday, which is coming up very soon. I really want to make it as "white" as possible for the other side.

This is the side that is fine....
And this is the side that has the yellowish tint...it is very hard to photograph.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!

Thank you for looking! Hope everyone have a great weekend and get well rested! :)
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