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a bit of zukan fail, and a bit of zukan grail

Okay. ^^;;

So I received a zukan in the mail today...

This is the second zukan I've gotten that needs to be put together, and the first one (Jirachi) had the little insert. This one... does not. After about ten minutes of flailing stupidly, I realized I am an idiot and cannot figure out how to put it together. DX;; Can anyone who has this zukan possibly help me out in some way? I'm feeling rather sheepish.

And to ensure that this post isn't exclusively made of all kinds of derp, let's celebrate: grail!zukan get! I honestly thought I'd be waiting a very long time to obtain this, but like so many of these situations, it seemed to just fall right into my lap. I'm still so elated. Infinity thanks and love to garefowl! *dance*

Tags: manaphy, skitty, zukan
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