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omega update part 1! and santachu get!

The release of OR/AS has been such an amazing time for me as a collector. I'm sure everyone knows that I collect Groudon, so with merch of him and as well his super beautiful primal form, i am. IN HEAVEN. no lie. so i would thought i'd do an update since i received quite a few things lately. *^*

Here are the obvious gets, i was so happy when walmart put up the figure as a preorder bonus! It's actually a very nice figure asside from the hideous base.

Sunyshore gets! I know tagami_yami posted the new primal plush a few days ago, and seeing it in person makes me even more impressed! He is 99% perfect (asside from the weird head shape) and i seriously love that they fixed everything from the original form plush!

here are the recent released plush together. the primal form is much, much bigger (and rightly so!) and you can immediately see how much better he is compared to his unfortunate counterpart.

i also wanted to post the back of the notebook because the art is super cute. *^*

Pokevault gets! I generally don't shop there, but when I checked and saw he had a BUNCH of OR/AS merch that I didn't see anywhere else I knew I immediatly had to buy things. I particularly love the artwork on the handkercheif (it is the same on the other side of the dicebag too), it's super beautiful and just ahhhhhh. *^*

finally - custom gets. over the past couple months there have been several awesome artists who have done some stuff for OR/AS so i tried snatching up all that I could (I'm stil waiting for a few things - next time!) and I love the range of creativity of all the artists who have created things here. <3

I still have about 3-4 major packages to come in with more of my baby's stuff, so I guess i will be doing another update in a week or 2 when they all arrive!

I also wanted to post some stuff i got from PokemonCenter.com - I know some people were interested in seeing Santachu's tag and since i received it today I thought I would post it.

my first ever order from the website! I was really interested in their 'Final Fierce' things because it has Chesnaught on it so i decided to go for it! Both items are really great quality and I'm a bit sad that I won't be wearing the shirt since it's going into my collection.

And here's santachu! Unfortunately, he has a pretty standard US Pokemon Center tag with his artwork on it. However, it is a very cute plush!

Aaand that's all for today!

One last thing: My etsy shop will be closing for hat orders later tonight. However, I will have my pouches available through the rest of the year!
I have 2 coupons available:
Free shipping in the US with coupon FREESHIP
and discounted shipping for international orders with coupon DISCOUNT!

Click here or the picture!

sales permission granted by dakajojo 7/2011. feedback.
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